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Last updated: July 21, 2022

Texturized Skin Fade

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Texturized Skin Fade

Summer is the perfect time to clean up your male client’s winter scruff—but that doesn’t mean they have to lose length. Wahl® Professional Master Barber Garland Fox (@thisisgwhizwahlclippers) is here to show you how. Peep the steps to learn how to create your client’s favorite summer haircut: the texturized skin fade.


Keep scrolling to learn how to achieve a blended fade and keep just enough texture at the top.


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    Create a symmetrical, horseshoe section at the parietal ridge around the entire head.

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    Debulk the back and sides (under the parting) using the Wahl® Professional 5-Star Cordless Senior with a #4 guard. On the first pass, follow the hair growth pattern. Then, repeat the action but this time cutting against the growth pattern, creating more control over the amount of hair being cut.

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    Next, grab the Wahl® Professional 5-Star Magic Clipper with no guard and the lever completely closed. Starting at the top of the ear, cut about one-inch high, flicking the clipper blade out as you work upward. Following the curvature of the ear, work back toward the point of the occipital bone. 


    Note: Avoid a straight line of demarcation. Instead, follow the curvature of the ears and occipital bone, resulting in a curved line of demarcation. 


    Pro Tip: To keep the line symmetrical, start behind the ear working towards the middle. Then, move back to the other ear and work toward the center, connecting the line in the middle.

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    Next, move the clipper lever to the halfway point, still not using a guard, and begin to blend the line of demarcation. Then, move the lever to the open position and blend the line again. 


    Pro Tip: For more control when blending, use the corner of the blade to blend.

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    Next, switch to the Wahl® Professional 5-Star Legend with no guard and the lever completely open. Continue using the corner technique to blend the line of demarcation.

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    Attach the #2 guard to the 5-Star Legend, keeping the lever completely open and continue to blend. Then, move the lever to the halfway position and repeat. Then, move the lever to the completely closed position and continue blending. Next, attach the #1 ½ inch guard, keeping the lever closed and repeat. Repeat this step again, this time using the #1 guard.

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    Next, switch to the half guard (still keeping the lever open) and continue to blend. Then, move the lever to the halfway position and blend. After the first pass, close the lever all the way and repeat. 


    Pro Tip: Continue using the corner technique to maintain a cohesive blend during each step.

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    To blend the beard, remove the guard and have the lever completely open. Using the corner technique, use a soft, upward motion to blend the top of the sideburn into the fade.

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    Next, continue working with the lever open and no guard. Use a clipper-over-comb technique to refine and shape the blend.

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    To debulk the top, switch to the 5-Star Cordless Senior and the #6 guard with the lever completely open. Repeat this step using the #4 guard for one full pass. Then, switch to the #3 guard and repeat the step again. If needed, remove the guard to refine the haircut and remove any remaining unwanted hair.


    Pro Tip: Notice the guards are moving down one size, so it is important to work from the top to the bottom to maintain the length at the top.

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    Remove the guard and use a clipper-over-finger technique to remove an inch of hair from the top. To cut straight lines, gently pivot the clipper toward you when reaching the back of the section (or the bottom of your finger.)

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    To create more texture throughout the top, enter a one-inch section with the clipper teeth pointed down. Use a gently chopping motion to create texture at the ends. If needed, use a clipper-over-comb technique to refine and remove any unwanted hair.

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    Finished look. 




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