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Last updated: September 08, 2022

Fades: Seeing Harsh Lines? You Need These 3 Tips

The More You Know: Pro Tips For Fade Success

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, elevating your services always starts with one thing: education. That’s why we’re here to give you a fade refresh with the help of Wahl® Professional Educator Kevin Nguyen (@yakuzabarber). He shared his pro tips for creating the perfect cool cut for clients looking for a fade that has texture and maintains length. Keep scrolling to learn how to ensure blend, avoid harsh lines, point cut with your clipper and more!


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1. Properly debulk before starting the fade 

Debulking is key for clients that come in with extra weight where the fade will be. Start by removing weight to reveal the hair’s texture and create the perfect starting canvas to begin your fade. To debulk, Kevin uses the Wahl® Professional Gold Cordless Magic Clip with a #3 guard with the lever closed.


Be careful not to remove too much weight from the start:

Debulk Before After Wahl
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2. Avoid harsh lines & ensure blend with this trick

When blending to a longer transition, be sure to use a gliding motion with your clipper as you gently move outward. When you push the full blade onto the scalp, you risk creating harsh lines of demarcation; but, when you glide the clipper softly while keeping a light hand, you will “soften up the line,” Kevin says. 


Avoid using an aggressive clipper because when you go straight to a skin fade, it may be too short for your client. That’s why Kevin switches to a #1 guard for this step. This will produce a softer, more natural blend—which is especially important for clients with a finer hair texture.


PRO TIP: If you’re new to short cuts and feel unsure about placing your lines, Kevin suggests keeping your clipper lever open.


3. Point cut with your clipper… say what?

That’s right! Kevin skips using shears and continues with his clipper to create texture on top of the fade. He finds this technique faster than shears not only because he doesn’t have to switch tools, but also because he has to move quickly to build the staggered texture he’s looking for.


Kevin does this by holding the hair with one hand as he quickly cuts into the section with his clipper, creating a sawtooth effect. Make sure to watch the full live to see his technique in action!


Swipe through to see the before & after! 


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