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Last updated: February 09, 2024

5 Tips To Gain Pro Athlete Clientele: Barbers & Stylists, Listen Up!

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @patty_cuts

How To Become A Pro Athlete’s Barber 

We sat down with NFL and UFC barber Pat Regan (@patty_cuts) for an insider look at this year’s men’s trends, technical tips and advice on how to make it big in the sports industry. With clientele ranging from P Diddy, UFC legend Kamaru Usman, Super Bowl champ Travis Kelce and NFL star Alvin Kamara—we scored advice from the barber who flipped his career at home to A-list athletes booking him for their season. 



1. Make Haircuts Last On And Off Camera

While at Sport Clips National Huddle, Patty gave us some insight on the importance of keeping athletes looking put together through their own style. “Everyone has a different style,” Patty explains. “So I pick cuts based on what fits their head, not what fits the helmet. They like to look good on the field and in interviews”


Creating haircuts that balance personal branding and look good on camera is a huge part of maintaining celebrity clientele. “Sometimes I’ll change the arcs on their hairline so it looks symmetrical on TV,” Patty says. “I’ll always give them advice on their hair, but I’ll never tell them what to do.” 


Patty lining up Kansas City Chief’s tight end, Travis Kelce


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2. Keep Up With Trending Styles 

We don’t always see shifts in men’s hair trends from season to season, but this year we’re catching a more relaxed vibe. “More natural looks that look a little undone,” Patty says. “A lot of guys want the curly top hair for a laid-back style that is still fresh because the sides are faded,” Patty explains. 


Patty’s men’s trend predictions for this year:

  • Curly or wavy hair on the top
  • Emphasis on natural textures
  • Longer, undone hair with a faded side 


“Think Pat Mahomes,” Patty says. “Everyone wants a Pat Mahomes cut.”


Photo credit: Instagram via @patrickmahomes


3. Understand Maintenance Schedules

When working with pro athletes, the salon standard of getting a haircut every few weeks won’t suffice. “During playoff season, they’re definitely getting their haircut before each game,” Patty explains. It’s not a coincidence your favorite players look good on every nationally televised game—their barbers make sure of it!


Having a flexible and reliable schedule is a big part of being able to book athletes. Patty says some even prefer to cut their hair shorter as the season progresses, so accommodating those changes beyond an initial appointment but through an entire season is important.


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4. When You’re Sending DMs, Do This

For pro athletes with DMs that fill up day-to-day, you need to make yours stand out. “If you’re going to DM someone, get your point across in the first few words,” Patty says.


Patty advises to not start a DM with a compliment like, “Hey, I’m a big fan!” but instead, say something like “Best barber in Miami.” Doing this will make sure your credentials are what they see in their inbox and will separate your DM from other fan messages. 


Patty with client (and friend!) UFC Welterweight Champion, Karamu Usman 

Photo Credit: Instagram via @patty_cuts

5. Remember, Confidence Is Contagious 

“Confidence is one of the most important things,” Patty says. “If they feel like you’re confident, it’s contagious. When you do a good cut, they’ll tell everyone.” 


In situations when you have a chance to work with A-list clientele, remember they’re seeking out your services. Their profession may be what drew you to them but think about it—yours drew them in, too!


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