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Last updated: February 12, 2018

Patrick Dempsey’s Classic Cut

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Dr. Derek Shepherd is back, ladies and gents! Well, not quite. Patrick Dempsey has a new name and a new role as Jack in “Bridget Jones’s Baby.” The ladies love him and the fellas want to be him, so why not add this classic shape and style to your men’s cutting arsenal? Get the how-to from American Crew!


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Create a standard horseshoe-shaped parting at the recession area to separate the top half of the head from the bottom.


Cut a classic square layer approximately 1 ¼ inches long. Let the bottom length fall over the top of the ear. Follow all the way around the head with basic vertical sections.


Transition with a low vertical facet. Grab a vertical section, palm toward the head behind the ear, from the center part on top to the horseshoe parting. 


Connect to the previously cut length at your fingertips. Cut overhand with the base of the hand falling slightly toward the head and away from a pure parallel to the wall position. Carry that cutting technique forward to the front hairline.


 Return to the initial section and carry the sectioning pattern around the crown and to the other side of the head.


Connect low with a square cutting angle at the top of the head. Connect past the center zone into the area where the head rounds down.


Use a clipper-over-comb technique to complete a low classic taper, anchored just under the hairline and suspended at the top of the comb. Keep the sideburn fuller and at a longer yet classic length.


Alternatively, offer some slide-cutting with a razor at the top of the head to support the hair to an elevated state. Cut lightly against the natural growth.


Apply American Crew Liquid Wax to the hair from the roots to the ends.


Apply heat and use a paddle brush to direct the heat down under the horseshoe parting on the sides and back.


As you move toward the top, push the hair to move forward and toward the top. Elevate the top by using your fingers or brushing the hair up.


Finish by running your fingers through the horseshoe area to blend the hair together.