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Last updated: March 20, 2018

Jonah Hill’s Slicked-Back Pomp and Beard Combo

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Sure, the ladies get most of the attention on red carpets, but when a guy shows off a killer hair and beard combo, people take notice. Case in point? Jonah Hill at the SAG Awards. His friend and stylist, Jason Schneidman (@themensgroomer), gave Jonah this high, slicked-back pompadour and beard combo for the big night, and even better? He did it in just 15 minutes!


“Working with Jonah is always fun,” shares Jason. “His playlist is awesome—usually hip-hop. Over the years, we have become pretty close traveling the world together doing grooming for different movies. He’s a great friend!”


The key to achieving this look? “In grooming guys, the slightest thing can make them look so different, so my attention to detail is always really hyperfocused,” says Jason. Here’s his breakdown!


Artist: Jason Schneidman
Manufacturer: Wahl Professional, @wahlpro

Products Used



Blow-dry the top section and run some paste or stiffening cream through the dried hair using your fingers. “I prefer a finger stroke rather than a comb, especially when applying it to dry hair since it’s already been directed back by a blow-dryer and a round brush,” shares Jason.


Pro-Tip: When applying the paste or the cream to the top, try not to flatten it too much. The key is just a little bit of volume so you can lock it down with a little spray.


Fade up the sides with a #2 guard, then continue to fade out with a #1½ to 1.


Scoop out the hair on the neck using the Wahl Professional Senior Clipper with a #1 or #1½ guard, then follow up with the #0 to create a soft neck line. “The key is to make sure that the soft line is super soft so it does not look like a chinstrap,” notes Jason. “The person appears cleaner and the focus of the dark beard is accented at the chin and not under the chin at the neck.”