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Last updated: June 13, 2018

WATCH: Textured Men’s Cut by Matty Conrad

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We can never get enough men’s grooming tips from master barber and founder of Victor Barber & Brand Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad). So when we got the opportunity to host a Facebook Live with Matty on the rooftop of the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn—where he was demoing a trendy, high fade with disconnected texture—we were all over it.


Since curly hair has a tendency to default to a round shape, Matty explained how to keep the shape square, while creating a tight, cropped cut—transforming his model, Grant’s, curly mop into something much more handsome.



Watch the video below to see the full how-to, and to pick up tips like:


1. Set a Low Horseshoe.
As you know, curly texture isn’t always uniform and has a tendency to be finer in the sides—so don’t just go right in with your clippers and a #2 guard (which can make it end up looking like there’s no hair there at all!) Do this instead:


  • Create a horseshoe section, and use a clipper-over-comb technique.
  • Make sure your comb is firm and roughly the same width as the head of your clippers.
  • If you’re worried about the cut looking too narrow, drop your horseshoe section lower. This gives you a little extra hair to work with in the corners.


2. Cut from A to B.
When cutting clipper-over-comb, Matty likes to start short and bring his clippers to a preset length. That’s why he starts his cuts by establishing a weight line to use as a cutting guide, making sure to follow the shape of the head. This also helps him keep the cut even on both sides.



3. Use Shears, Too.
Matty always uses a scissor-over-comb technique to finish his curly cuts. Why? “Scissors are really good for curly hair because they provide a softer finish,” says Matty, “whereas clippers give a harder, more technical finish.” And here’s another tip: the bigger the shears, the better. Using bigger shears makes blending easier, creates a smoother end result and allows you to cover a lot more surface area in a shorter amount of time (and remember, in barbering, time is money!).


4. Give Him an Effortless Finish. 
The men in your chair don’t like to feel like there’s a ton of product in their hair (yet they still want to look like James Dean). So complete their style with Victory Barber & Brand Super-Dry, which creates sexy, natural texture and control, but with an oil-free, matte finish.


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