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Last updated: November 24, 2020

Coronavirus Barbershop Precautions: Matty Conrad Shares His Shop Guidelines

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Here’s What Victory Barber & Brand™ Is Doing To Keep Staff & Clients Safe

As salons and barbershops are reopening, many shop owners face new health and safety concerns from their staff and clients, as well as mounting overhead costs for how to pay for it all. That’s why BTC’s Editorial Director Lauren Rees spoke to Victory Barber & Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) to see how he’s handling Canada’s sanitation and PPE guidelines for his four Vancouver-area barbershops and how to use retail to keep your revenue up. Keep scrolling to watch the full conversation below!


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A Few Key Takeaways…



Make Sure Your Clients FEEL Safe

  • Right now one of the biggest debates is on whether or not personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary in the salon. Matty thinks that a lot of barbers and stylists have been making the mistake of taking their own feelings into account about PPE, when they should be focusing on their clients and their mental health. “It doesn’t really matter what you feel. What matters is what your clients feel when they’re coming in the door.” 


Charge For PPE

  • Matty charges a mandatory $1.50 CAD PPE charge to each service, regardless if the client has brought a mask or not. This charge helps cover the cost of sanitation products and supplies. 


Add Prices To Your Products

  • Simply adding an easy-to-see pricing label to your retail products will help help increase sales in your salon or barbershop. “The amount of retail we started selling after we had labelled the products—we’ve seen 4 times the amount of retail sales just from doing a few adjustments,” says Matty.


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