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Last updated: November 24, 2020

3 Barbering Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

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3 Barbering Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

Looking to up your barbering skills—like knowing when and where to use a flat brush or thinning shears? We’re breaking down three common mistakes from Matty Conrad aka “The World’s Most Interesting Barber.” Plus, we’re sharing two of his quickie cutting videos for some inspiration. Check it all out below.



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Mistake No. 1: Using Thinning Shears Incorrectly

Thinning shears? They’re necessary for barbering, but remember this warning from Matty: “They’re for texturizing and diffusing,” he says, “not ‘thinning.’” The number one rule to remember when you’re using this tool? Stay out of the root area. “That’s where thinning happens,” says Matty. “So just use them on the ends. That’s where texture happens.”


Mistake No. 2: Using A Comb Instead Of A Flat Brush

Difficulty getting hair to lay flat under the clipper guard? Don’t use a comb—it will just push channels into the hair. Instead, use a flat brush to create tension with the density of the bristles. (Click here to purchase The Barber’s Brush from Victory Barber & Brand!)



Mistake No. 3: Not Working With Your Mirrors

Tired of walking back and forth to make sure a cut is even? Matty recommends turning your client to the side and starting with your back to the mirror. Once you reach the other side, the mirror can act as a visual aid to match both sides. When you finish the cut, don’t just look at his head. Check it out in the mirror too because you can spot flaws from a distance that you didn’t see up close.


BONUS! Mistake No. 4: Not Following @MattyConrad On Instagram 

Need some inspiration? Matty shares a lot with his Instagram followers, and if you’re not following him, you’re missing out! Watch these two cutting quickies we pulled from his page featuring fading, cutting and styling!



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