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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Clients Growing A Quarantine Beard? Here’s What They Need To Know!

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Everything To Share With Clients Growing A Beard At Home 

Are your male clients embracing their quarantine scruff? Just because they can’t come to the shop, doesn’t mean they don’t need your expertise. To help guide your male clientele in the right grooming direction, we had Victory Barber & Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) break down the beard basics the men in your chair NEED to know. Scroll down for everything!



Beard Anatomy 101

 Fun fact: Your client is probably staring in the mirror without a clue. Here are the beard basics Matty teaches his clients:


  • Beard Interior: Thickness and length
  • Beard Outline: Overall shape


Pro Tip: If it’s a client’s first time, tell them to let the hair grow for three to four weeks. The natural growth of the hair will determine the shape, so make sure they pay attention to any patchy and/or thicker areas. 



The outline is determined by three lines:

1. Base Line: Generally speaking, this is the bottom part of the beard. 


  • Base Line Tip: A nice clean line from the corner of the jaw to the Adam’s apple will give the appearance of a strong jawline. And like Matty put it, “A strong jawline is the whole point of growing a beard.” 


2. Top Line: The line that is directly on the skin from the corner of the sideburn to the corner of the lip.


  • Top Line Tip: The top line should complement the face shape. For clients who have a fuller face, Matty suggests keeping the top line clean and straight to create a leaner appearance. For clients with a leaner face structure, the top line should be slightly rounded, giving the face a fuller look. 


3. Lip Line: The line that sits above the lip but below the mustache. 


  • Lip Line Tip: To keep the mustache symmetrical to the beard, Matty advises using the trimmer at an angle to create a peak in the center of the mustache. Then, glide the trimmer down to create a soft angle from the center peak to the corner of the mouth. 


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Get The Right Tools AND Products

Growing a beard is one thing, keeping it healthy and well groomed is another. That’s why now is the ideal time to perfect an at-home beard care routine with the proper tools and products. Here’s what Matty recommends for at-home maintenance:



Any man growing out their beard should have these two tools on hand:

  • Clippers: This tool is meant to remove a lot of hair at once, perfect for the interior.


  • Trimmers: These have much finer teeth, great for cleaning lines close to the skin and detailing the outline. 



When it comes to products, Matty shared one major piece of advice: DITCH THE BAR SOAP. “I always teach my clients this: What you wash your beard with directly reflects how healthy it is,” Matty explains. Bar soap can be drying to both the skin and facial hair, so he recommends Victory Barber & Brand WASH Hair & Beard Cleanser to all his clients. It’s made with natural conditioning oils and plant-based cleansers so there is no over-drying when cleansing. 


Click here to purchase WASH from Victory Barber & Brand™!


When it comes to skincare, you’d never skip the moisturizer, right? Same goes for beards! Beard oils are great for moisturizing facial hair, but Matty warns his clients to avoid heavy oils, like avocado or almond oil, as well as perfume/fragrant oils. Instead, they should choose one with micro-fine and essential oils. “The Beard Oil from Victory Barber & Brand™ is made with jojoba and grapeseed oil, so it is light yet super moisturizing,” Matty explains. “Also, our beard oil uses essential oils for a fresh scent that isn’t overpowering.”


Products Used


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