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Last updated: November 24, 2020

7 Ways To Keep Men In Your Chair

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If you’re not doing men’s grooming, you’re missing out on one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry—which means you’re missing out on money. But how do you tap into this market if you’re in a salon? You may think men prefer going to a barbershop, but you can give them an authentic barbering experience in your chair, too. We talked to Matty Conrad, BTC’s best barber bro, for his take on what matters to men in his shop and how you can get men into your salon! 



1. Your consultation has never mattered more.
If a guy is skittish about heading into a salon instead of a barbershop, you can immediately ease his mind with a super thorough consultation. They might ask for a fade, but really want a taper, or want a pompadour when they really mean a quiff. “Give them what they want, not what they ask for,” Matty says. “We have to read minds.” Show him photos and get to the bottom of his request. Even better, come around from behind the chair and talk to him face to face.



2. Be the best he’s ever had.
Something your salon can do that the barbershop can’t? Shampoo! So make it worthwhile. Give him the most amazing shampoo you can offer, and he’ll be a client for life.


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Matty brought his barbershop to the
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3. Check your style.
Having an authentic barbershop feel means you have to play the part! Your standard cape can be swapped out for a classic barbering cape and your typical apron can be replaced with a masculine-feeling barbering apron. The Victory Classic Barber Cape is Matty’s go-to because he designed it to be extra large (so it will cover any size of guy!) and there isn’t a big, gaudy logo across the front. Plus, it has 36 possible neck sizes! Matty also designed his Original Barber’s Apron with ultra-classic styling, and the antique brass hardware adds to this effect. Check them out at victorybarber.com


4. Think about your refreshments.
The ladies in your salon might appreciate a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, but the dude that comes in wanting a James Dean haircut might not. If you offer beverages, consider stocking some beer. It’s a small thing that could make him much more comfortable.



5. Your language is important.
The way you speak to your female clients might not be the smartest choice when speaking to your male clients. Use words like “handsome,” “strong” and “masculine” when describing your technique and end result. And never, EVER use the T-word. “We don’t call them thinning shears!” Matty said. “For real. Does any man want anything with the word ‘thinning’ going next to his head?” Good point. Instead, call them “texturizing scissors,” and use them to soften the last millimeter to millimeter-and-a-half of hair.

Celebrity colorist Justin Anderson is feeling that
barber life in the
Original Barber’s Apron!



6. Help his Tinder profile BLOW UP!
Ultimately, pretty much every guy just wants a girl to think he’s hot. Offer to snap photos when he’s done to show him how amazing he looks. For example, recently, Matty took a client from a wild, curly mop to a totally classic and clean-cut shape. “He put the photos on Tinder and his profile just blew up,” Matty says.


7. Don’t be afraid of commitment.
When you have a plan for the future, it will keep your male client interested. “We should think about going shorter for summer next time,” is one way you can broach the topic of future appointments. You can even mention things you want to try out on his hair. “I just saw this really great look on Tom Hardy and I think it would be perfect for you—we should try it next time.” When you name drop a hot, man’s-man actor, he’ll be happy you put him in the same realm as Tom, plus it shows that you’re paying attention to what’s trending.


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