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Last updated: May 26, 2023

Tina Turner’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @tinaturner

See 20 Of Tina Turner’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

Rock ‘n’ Roll star Tina Turner died on May 24, 2023 at age 83 leaving behind a legendary career as a singer, dancer and performer. Tina rose to fame in the 1960s as the lead singer for the Ike & Tina Turner duo before launching into her solo career in 1984. And while most will remember her for her soulful vocals, we’d be remiss not to recount her iconic hairstyles over the years.


It’s been widely noted that Tina wore wigs for the duration of her career as in 1961 she went to a salon to have her hair lightened and it ended up damaging her natural hair. Then even after her hair grew and became healthy, she still opted for wigs on a daily basis.


“I’ve always been a little nervous about starting a relationship with a new man because I didn’t know how my wig would be received!” she noted in her memoir My Love Story about her relationship with both men and wigs. 


See below for a look at some of the late singer’s most iconic hairstyles.


1. Tina Turner’s iconic golden, wavy mullet

A golden wavy mullet was Tina’s signature performance look in the ’80s.


2. A sultry, piecey updo

A clip of Tina’s sultry, piecey updo in the “Golden Eye” music video.


3. Feathered ends

A glimpse of Tina performing in the ’70s rocking a decade-appropriate feathered style.


4. A full bob with bangs

Tina wearing a multi-dimensional blonde bob with face-framing layers.


5. A voluminous blowout.

Tina rocking a voluminous blowout with chunky, contrasting highlights and lowlights.


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6. A crimped mullet for performing

Tina wore her signature crimped mullet for her performance of “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” at her Foreign Affair: The Farewell Tour in Barcelona in 1990.


7. Long, brunette locks

Tina is pictured here in the ’70s rocking a much longer, darker look than what she became known for.


8. A layered lob

Tina wearing a layered, face-framing lob.


9. Her signature wavy, layered mullet

…with an extra oomph of volume.


10. A layered pixie

Tina’s take on a pixie.


11. A layered lob with bangs

Tina sporting a layered long bob with face-framing bangs.


12. A crimped shag

The singer rocking a golden blonde crimped shag with a dark root.


13. A wavy pixie

Tina’s take on a pixie with long, tousled waves on top.


14. A lob with heavy fringe

A thick fringed lob became Tina’s go-to in the 2000s.


15. A short shag

Tina opted for a shorter shag for her performance at the Open Air music festival in Germany in 1993.


16. Blonde crimped waves

A close-up of Tina’s textured blonde waves.


17. A voluminous mullet

The singer opted for different variations of her signature mullet throughout her career, including this look and its major volume.


18. Face-framing fringe

This look gave major face-framing fringe


19. Honey blonde shag

A gorgeous honey blonde shade for this shag.


20. A stacked pixie

To round out Tina Turner’s best hairstyles, she went with a stacked layered pixie for the cover of her album “Wildest Dreams.”


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