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July 25, 2017

Weightless Long Layers


Weightless Long Layers

Cut the bulk in your long-haired ladies with this slim, long-layered technique from SEVEN® haircare’s Tyson Daniel.

Artist: Tyson Daniel

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  • 1

    Section the hair below the occipital into three vertical sections.

  • 2

    Standing opposite the section, elevate the center section straight up and slice the section from the interior to the perimeter length.

  • 3

    Repeat with the left and right sections, symmetrically reducing weight from both sides.

  • 4

    Section out the front of the hair from the top of the head to behind the ears.

  • 5

    Take a center profile section and overdirect forward. Slide-cut from short to long. This will be a stationary guide for the following sections.

  • 6

    Take pivoting sections from the center part until you reach the parietal ridge and cut each section using your guide. Repeat on the other side of the head.

  • 7

    Return to center back and take a vertical section from the top of the head to the occipital. Overdirect, and using the crown section of the front center profile section as a reference point, slice to create soft layers and reduce weight. 

  • 8

    Take pivoting, on-base radial sections until you reach behind the ears, and cut in the same manner.

  • 9

    Finish with SEVEN® haircare GAZAR POLISH balm, CUBICA WORKING spray and GAZAR DIAMOND serum

  • 10

    Finished look.

  • 11

    Finished look.

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