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May 26, 2017

Razor-Cut Pixie


Razor-Cut Pixie

This soft, chic pixie (with an edgy hint) can be cut with shears, but we like how SEVEN® haircare Platform Educator Joseph Anthony uses a feather razor. Watch the whole process and get every step!


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  • 1

    Section and clip away the entire top portion of hair from just below the parietal ridge and up. In the back of the head, drop about an inch lower than the ridge.

  • 2

    Using a feather razor or shears, take a center vertical section on the bottom and, following the head shape, cut to approximately ½ inch or shorter.

  • 3

    Continue with vertical sections moving toward the front of the head. Repeat from the center section to the opposite side.

  • 4

    Detail and balance the entire back area.

  • 5

    Divide the top portion of the hair into right and left halves.

  • 6

    Take an entire half on one side and laterally direct it just past the back corner. Using your feather razor or shears, stabilize your section and cut forward to the desired length.

  • 7

    View of finished section.

  • 8

    Using the shortest and longest points of the just-cut section as your guides, repeat the technique and cut the other half of the top portion.

  • 9

    View of finished section.

  • 10

    Detail fringe to the desired length and shape.

  • 11

    Finish with RINZU® HEAT DEFENSE spray and BORATO® Mousse Foam. Blow-dry and personalize the cut as desired.

  • 12

    Finish with CUBICA® Classic hairspray.

  • 13

    Finished look.

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