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Last updated: April 11, 2018

Mod Stacked Pixie

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Mod Stacked Pixie

The beauty of a pixie lies in its versatility, and this cut by Kenra Professional’s Mirella Manelli and Emily Anderson delivers with a stacked back and flexible length on top. This is just one cut you can learn at Kenra’s #InfluentialDesigns classes, where you get hands-on with coloring, cutting and styling. Check out the steps!

Artist: Emily Anderson, @emilyandersonstyling; Mirella Manelli



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    Part off a narrow horseshoe on top of the head and clip away. From the back of the horseshoe, create a diagonal line down to the back of the ear on each side.

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    In the nape section, take ½ inch out and cut a stationary guide at the desired length parallel to the parting line. Continue working through each side by over-directing ½-inch vertical subsections to the stationary guide.

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    Begin each side section in the back corner by creating a guide from the top of the nape section. Working in ½-inch diagonal back subsections, use a traveling guide, overdirecting to the previous subsection and cutting parallel to each parting line. Detail the perimeter and hairline to create the desired shape.

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    In the crown, begin by taking ½-inch subsections in the center of the horseshoe. Cut parallel to the parting to create your new guide at the desired length (disconnected from the underneath section). Overdirect to the previous subsection. Continue working through the first side before moving to the next. Customize the cut based on the client’s desired end result by detailing the perimeter at the desired length and texturizing. Style with Kenra Professional Classic Clay 17.

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    Finished look.

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