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December 18, 2017

Medium-Length Men’s Razor Cut


Medium-Length Men’s Razor Cut

Men’s cuts for 2018 are less polished and barbered, instead moving toward looser, layered and casual. This cut from Eufora National Trainer Dana Caschetta is casually classic—check it out!

Artist: Dana Caschetta
Manufacturer: Eufora, @euforainternational

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    Using the parietal ridge to a V-shape in the back of the head, section out the crown (top of head). Starting at the hairline, take a parallel section to the parting, holding the hair at 90-degree elevation, and cut to desired length using a filet technique with a razor.

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    Following the sectioning, cut to your guide around to the other side of the head.

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    Using a razor-over-comb technique, begin at the bottom of the hairline and work up to the guide.

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    Alternate view of previous step.

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    For the top, stand in the back and project the hair out towards you with a slight elevation. Cut on a 45-degree angle on both sides towards the center to create a triangle shape.

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    Alternate view of previous step.

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    Alternate view of previous step.

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    Take diagonal front partings and use the tip of the razor to texturize the mids and ends of the hair with a light, slicing in-between technique.

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    Taking parallel sections back from the hairline, elevate the hair 90 degrees and texturize the sides by gently tapping the razor. This will push the hair from side to side, creating optimal styling benefits.

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    Clean up the hairline by removing the excess hair in a gentle, downward motion. Do not cut into the hairline, which creates a blunt line!

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    Finished look.

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    Finished look.

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