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July 7, 2017

Texture Transformation


Texture Transformation

Normally, when you envision a major hair transformation, something along the lines of a Level 1 to platinum blonde, a cut and color that instantly take 10 years off or waist-length hair chopped into a bob comes to mind. But this curl set makeover is proof that texture can have just as much of an impact.


Kelli Mason (@kelliannmason), owner of Lux The Salon in Midland, Mich., is the stylist behind these #dreamcurls, and she gave us the rundown on how she achieved this incredible makeover!


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Artist: Kelli Mason
Manufacturer: Eufora, @euforainternational; Surface

Products Used


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    On dry hair, apply Surface Curls Firm Styling Mousse to the midlengths and ends.

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    Liberally mist Eufora Style Boost to new growth.

  • 4

    Rough-dry with your fingers, overdirecting for maximum volume.

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    Mist Surface Curls Finishing Spray on each section for heat protection and soft hold.Using a Hot Tools ½-inch Curling Iron, take 1-inch square sections, and overdirect each section so that the curl sits on the base. Wrap hair around the iron, and set with clip.


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    On-base curl.

  • 7

    In the back, curl in a brick-lay pattern, setting the curls so they sit in between each other. When you get to the high point of the head, curl everything on base and forward.

  • 8

    After the curls have cooled, let them out and gently pull apart, applying Surface Shift Shaping Wax.

  • 9

    Backcomb the base lightly on the underside of each section. Use a wide-tooth comb, and start in the middle of the strand, pushing the hair gently toward the base.

  • 10

    Once you reach the top of each section, lift the hair straight up and push down toward the base using the same technique.

  • 11

    To finish, spray Eufora Full Effect Dry Texturizing Spray all over for extra volume and control.

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    Finished look. 

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    Finished look. 

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