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Last updated: April 28, 2023

Your Top 15 Styling Quickies Of The Year

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @behindthechair_com and @yourtipsgram

2022’s Most Liked, Shared & Saved Styling Quickies

What better way to learn than with a crash course you chose yourself? You liked what you saw and we made it easier to find it: Instagram’s top 15 styling quickies. These pro styling tips were some of 2022’s most liked, commented on, saved and shared…by YOU! They’re also short and sweet—feel free to catch up between appointments or even while your client’s color is processing!


Keep scrolling for quick ‘n easy styling hacks to use behind the chair!


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Tip #1: You’ll be hooked on this heatless curl hack.

If you’ve tried the viral-on-TikTok leggings hack, you’re not alone. Whether it’s for convenience or to give hair a break from constant heat styling, heatless curls have been EVERYWHERE this year. Here’s how LA-based hair expert Jonathan K. Monroe (@jonathankmonroe) got effortless waves without powering on the curling iron:


  1. Separate, dampen and brush the hair. 
  2. Section by section, wrap the hair over the ring once, gradually adding to each section through the back.
  3. Wrap, then allow to set. Jonathan prefers to leave it on overnight!


Watch the technique for yourself:

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Tip #2: This braiding trick turns long hair into a Gatsby-style bob

Styling a client who dreams of a shorter style but isn’t ready to make the chop? This braided styling technique by SalonCentric, ghd Professional and SexyHair Team Member Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry) transforms her client’s long locks into a glamorous, Flapper Girl-inspired bob. Here are her go-to products:


  1. SexyHair ArtistryPro Avant-Guard Finishing Spray for heat protection. 
  2. SexyHair Big Spray & Stay Intense Hold Hairspray to keep the hair in place.


Check out Shayla’s full technique below!

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Tip #3: Try these micro-sized braids on your next client.

Is your client always looking to take their braids down a few sizes? Use these amazingly tiny micro braids by @arusha_finest for inspiration!


Look how easily the comb glides through!

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Tip #4: Proof that hair rings elevate any updo

Whether you’re tying them into a braid, pony, bun or a combination of the three, hair rings never fail to serve up some serious hair envy. While they may look difficult to apply, master stylist Marina (@kosa_braids) breaks down her 15-minute, easy-to-follow method.


Watch Marina weave her hair rings using an everyday household item: A crochet hook!

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Tip #5: Bouncy, long-lasting curls using a hairbrush

For curly clients looking for a faster, easier way to keep their curls looking fresh, Curl expert Serpil Sari (@serpil.saricurls) has a solution. It may take some time to get used to, but once it’s learned her tried and true technique using a Scrunch It® brush makes styling much easier. 


Here’s what you need to know:


  1. This technique works for light wavy to tight curly hair types.
  2. The result will be bigger, defined clumps. Don’t worry—you can separate them!
  3. If you’re in a rush, just style the front and bangs.
  4. Yes, the curls last all day. 


Watch the Scrunch It® brush in action:

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Tip #6: Amp up your client’s pony with this volumizing hack

What if we told you that your ponies could look fuller with one simple styling tip? According to Color Wow Global Creative Director Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1), this is all you need to do:


  1. Create a loose pony. 
  2. Make a small hole above the elastic.
  3. Push the pony through the hole.
  4. Tighten for instant volume!


Check out Chris’ amplified pony:

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You can also try this method for a similar result:


  1. Pull the top half of the hair into a ponytail near the crown. 
  2. Split the left over hair into two sections, then pull them up on either side around the first ponytail. 
  3. Join the two sections above the first ponytail and tie off.


Just scrunch to adjust!

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Tip #7: Perfect braids & twists in half the time? Sign us up!

This tool threw us all back to the ’90s with these mesmerizing baby braids. Who knew adding iconic embellishments could be so easy?


Watch and learn!

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Tip #8: This elegant, swirled updo is surprisingly easy to create

There’s no reason beauty and functional can’t go hand-in-hand, and what better example than this soft “cinnabun” by BTC Team Member Sarah W. (@sarawhair)? Here’s Sarah’s step-by-step process for recreating the look:


  1. Prep the hair with Moroccanoil™ Smoothing Lotion and Joico Rise Up Powder Spray.
  2. Start by pulling the hair at the nape into a ponytail. This will be the guide for where to pin off the crown later.
  3. Let the rest of the hair down and begin to build shape and texture in the crown with pins.
  4. Once the crown is securely pinned, place the hair padding below the pins. 
  5. Split the nape ponytail into two sections. Twist the first section behind the second and carefully twist it up and over. Pin the first section at the top and under the padding. 
  6. Then, twist the second section over and up, pinning it directly under the first section. Use the remainder of the second section to cover the bottom of the padding.
  7. Finish with Moroccanoil™ Luminous Hairspray Medium Hold.


The process:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @behindthechair_com


The end result:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @behindthechair_com


Pro tip: Secure your sections with hair pins first! They’re much easier to adjust if the twist doesn’t twist right. You can always go back and secure with bobby pins once you’re sure it’s in the right spot. 


Tip #9: Volume & texture with a smooth finish? Here’s how!

BTC Team Member Jocelyn Emerson (’s secret to giving her voluminious, texturized updos a smooth finish? A combo of Aquage Spray Wax and Aquage Extra Firm Finishing Spray. The wax spray can be easily layered into the hair without growing too heavy while the finishing spray adds extra hold. 


See how a little spray wax can go a long way:

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Tip #10: Hydrate your curls without losing any bounce.

It can be a challenge to find the right styling products for your curly clientele. One of the most critical parts of the checklist is accentuating the curls without weighing them down. Kayla Williams (@curlsbykay)’s go-to styling aids is Ouidad Advanced Climate Control® Featherlight Styling Cream to moisturize with a flexible hold. Plus, it works great for all curl types!


Peep the before and after:

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Tip #11: Who knew a braided half updo could be this easy?

With half updos being the perfect cross between glam and casual, it’s no surprise clients request them for nights out and days on the town. This styling hack by Karoline Araújo (@araujo.kaarol) seamlessly elevates this classic look with a braid—no elastics in sight!


  1. Part a triangle section in the front of the head, connecting before the temples and the top of the crown.
  2. Braid the section, pulling the hair forward. Gently pull the braid out to add volume. 
  3. Pull the remaining hair into a classic half-up pony.
  4. Pull the braid back toward the pony, then loop the pony through braid to hide the elastic. 


Watch how it’s done:

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Tip #12: Bow-topped bubble braids

Bows are considered high fashion right now, and what if we told you there was a way to make your clients’ au naturel? With TikTok’s @cindyhair’s technique, your client can walk away with adorable hair bows made from just that: Their hair! Bonus points if you complete the look with embellishments or bubble braids.


Watch @cindyhair swoop and loop to create hair bows in real time:

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Tip #13: This wedding updo is deceptively straightforward.

Wedding styles are purposefully intricate…which is another way of saying they look complicated for a reason. Ulyana NIK’s gorgeous, spring-inspired plaited bun is more manageable than it might seem at first glance. All it takes are two braids and some bobby pins. 


  1. Start by splitting the hair into two sections. Cut the top section off just behind the hair; the remaining hair will be the second section. Tie off each. 
  2. Tease each section for instant shape and volume.
  3. Braid each pony and tie off. 
  4. Gently pull each section of the braid for fullness.
  5. Bundle the braids, starting by lifting the bottom over the top. Wrap until ends can be pinned.
  6. Fix with additional pins and choice of hairspray. 


Watch, save and learn:

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Tip #14: Transform straight hair into massive, disco-inspired curls

If there’s anything all of this year’s trends have in common, it’s volume. Big hair had a big impact on styling trends, and independent educator Ulyana NIK (@ulyana_nik_hairstylist)’s signature ’80s-style look is no exception. Here’s how a skinny curling wand and a little teasing can create stunning, mega-volume curls:


  1. Work through each section of hair, making sure to curl fine portions each time.
  2. Twist each curl randomly in opposite directions for optimal volume. 
  3. Gently pull out each curl with your hands to tease. 
  4. Hold with your hairspray of choice!


See the process from start to finish:

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Tip #15: These finger waves are fashionable & functional.

If there’s any look that manifests “snow angel,” it’s these platinum finger waves! Peep the video below to see how stylist and educator Brian Andrew (@b_andrew_hair) maps out this elegant look with K18 Hair:


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