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Last updated: June 17, 2019

WATCH: 1 Cutting + 2 Styling Quickies

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Kevin Hughes (@hairbyeleven), Robert Ham (@roberthamstylists) and the Moroccanoil® educational team took the stage at #thebtcshow 2017 to dish out styling and haircutting techniques you should start using behind the chair. From creating a grungy fringe to a decorative chignon, these artists offered innovative tips for styling various types of clients. Check out three quickies we stole from the stage below!


Grungy Fringe
Take a small section underneath the fringe. Only take hair in between the far ends of both eyebrows. Cut the fringe shorter and chop up the ends for a piecey look. Drop the section of hair on top back over the shorter fringe and comb all of the hair together. Pick up a few pieces of hair on top and one by one, texturize.



Slicked Back
Starting behind the ear, take 1/2-inch sections and spray the hair with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Strong, drying and brushing into the next section. Leave a thin section at the hairline without spraying and brush it into the rest of the hair. Lightly spray and set with a diffuser or a dryer on low air for a long-lasting style.


Decorative Chignon
First, you need an elastic cord and a regular sewing needle. Take two ponytails and knot them together, pulling them tightly. Bind the hair by sewing the elastic cord behind the knot to hold the style to the scalp, take out the needle and create a doctor’s knot twice. Now that it’s secure, flip the hair with a topsy tail through the knot to cover the elastics and start to create a chignon. Use the Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray and use the cord to knot down the style.

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