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Last updated: July 17, 2018

The ARROJO Team Gives a BTC Staffer a Makeover

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The ARROJO Team Gives a BTC Staffer a Makeover

When the newest member of BTC, Ashley Todhunter, joined the team at ISSE, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Surely not a complete cut and color makeover courtesy of the talented team at ARROJO. Think again! That’s exactly what Ashley enojoyed at her first-ever trade show and it was stylist Stacey Whitmire and colorist James Edick who created her great transformation. Here’s the complete how-to.

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    Ashley arrived at ISSE wtih a slightly grown out (but still adorable) bob. Here she is pictured with Stacey prior to her makeover.

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    Stacey cut Ashley’s hair into a Modern Box Bob, bringing the length up to her chin. The strong, geometric shape adds plenty of fullness and lots of bounce to Ashley’s hair.

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    Before working for BTC, Ashley was a fan of (gasp!) boxed color. She’s since learned the error of her ways and has vowed to stay away from that area of the drugstore forever.

    To bring Ashley “out of the box,” James mixed four formulas and created X-Pattern Highlights:
    1) Wella Blondor + 1.9%
    2) Wella Koleston Perfect 77/43 + 30-volume developer
    3) Equal parts Koleston Perfect 6/74 + 7/34 + 30-volume developer
    4) Wella Magma /44 + a sprinkle of /47

    Next, James performed a single process with 2 parts Koleston Perfect 6/34 to 1 part 6/3 + 10-volulme developer.

    On the ends, he applied equal parts Koleston Perfect 6/34 and 7/34 + 10-volume developer.

    After rinsing, he glazed with Wella Color Touch 8/43 + clear, then glazed again with Color Touch Relights /43.

    “The double glaze adds lots of shine and vibrancy, plus it adds to the ticket price in the salon,” says James. If he did this service in the salon, James would send clients home with ARROJO Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Repair Masque.

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    To style, the team used ARROJO Volume Foam and Hair Cream. We think Ashley looks super-chic…a perfect look to start a brand new job!