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June 15, 2017

Men’s Textured Cut


Men’s Textured Cut

It’s the classic men’s cut—but updated. Think shorter on the sides and in the back, with a little extra texture left on top. Think less restrained and just the right amount of mess. This textured men’s cut is meant to look natural and it works well with most face shapes—meaning it’s perfect for almost any guy in your chair. Here’s how the Esquire Groomers make it happen. 


Products Used



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    Create a horseshoe parting, separating the side from the top area using the Esquire Classic Straight Comb in a scissor-over-comb pattern.


  • 3

    Connect the nape area with the side length while detailing the outlining perimeter.

  • 4

    Continue detailing the perimeter on the side as needed with the Esquire Classic Professional Clipper.

  • 5

    Taking a middle part at the highest point of the head, cut a guideline to the front by positioning your fingers horizontally.

  • 6

    Then, connect the horizontal center guide from the highest point of the head to the crown area.

  • 7

    Connect the center guide to the sides following your traveling guideline.


  • 8

    Confirm your client’s desired length and continue.

  • 9

    Use a point-cutting technique to create the length and texture, then connect the sides and the back with vertical sections using a traveling guideline.

  • 10

    Distribute the hair sideways, then cut using a slicing technique to create added texture. Apply the Esquire Conditioner at the nape and sides.

  • 11

    Clean up the neckline using a razor.

  • 12

    Apply the Esquire Thickening Cream throughout the hair and utilize the Esquire Brush Dryer to style.

  • 13

    Finish the look with the Esquire Shaper.

  • 14

    Finished Look