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October 5, 2017

Scissor-Over-Comb Modern Pomp


Scissor-Over-Comb Modern Pomp

With barbering at an all-time high, your men’s clients now expect an elevated level of service with bespoke, tailored men’s cutting. Learn this modern take on a classic look from Eufora International Guest Artist John Keegan, who breaks down the technique for a pompadour using scissor-over-comb.

Artist: John Keegan
Manufacturer: Eufora, @euforainternational

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  • 1

    Create a halo parting around the top of the parietal ridge of the head. Clip the top hair out of the way. Create a second parting from the bottom of the parietal ridge on the sides to the top of the occipital bone at the back.

  • 2

    Split the hair in the back of the head into two sections from the center crown down to the nape.

  • 3

    Starting on the right side, create a taper from the bottom hairline to the bottom of the parietal ridge with a classic scissor-over-comb technique. Travel around the head to the back and repeat on the other side.

  • 4

    Create a horizontal flat layer at the top of the head using a T-section from the crown to the front hairline to establish a guide. Cross-check to ensure the top is even.

  • 5

    Create a square layer on the sides of the head, connecting the sides to the top guide with vertical layers straight out from the head, from the front hairline to the mastoid process at the back of the head. Leave the corner between the sides and the top to establish the pompadour.

  • 6

    Create round layers connecting the top to the back, following the shape of the crown to the occipital bone.

  • 7

    Detail the hairline with clippers to blend the fade. Do NOT stamp in the hairline—blend it from zero degrees at the hairline for a classic barber finish.

  • 8

    Blow-dry the hair with a Denman brush to create height at the front and finish with Eufora HERO for Men Classic Pomade and EuforaStyle Elevate.

  • 9

    Finished look

  • 10

    Finished look

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