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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Men’s Scissor-Over-Comb from TONI&GUY

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Men’s Scissor-Over-Comb from TONI&GUY

Combining classic approaches to cutting with modern silhouettes, the new TONI&GUY Classics Collection, is a celebration of the fundamental cutting techniques you use every day from the cutting experts at TONI&GUY. This modern approach to men’s tailored hairdressing uses scissor-over-comb in combination with disconnected square layers. With men’s barbering on the rise, you can’t afford not to master this classic shape.


Manufacturer: TONI&GUY, @toniandguyworld


  • 1

    Take a horseshoe parting at the recession to under the crown. The position of horseshoe will vary depending on head shape.

  • 2

    Beginning in the center back, comb the hair up from the underneath perpendicular and establish a block layer guideline at one finger’s depth.

  • 3

    Continue the block layering through to the front hairline.

  • 4

    Blow-dry the hair to begin the scissor-over-comb technique.

  • 5

    Starting in the center nape, scissor-over-comb using the wide teeth to eliminate excess length.

  • 6

    Continue through to the sides, slightly tilting the teeth of the comb out from the head as it travels toward the block layering.

  • 7

    For better control at the ear area, fold the ear down. Hold the hair in the comb, detail the perimeter of the hairline and continue around the ear.

  • 8

    Repeat the scissor-over-comb technique using the narrow teeth of the comb, working the length shorter and further blending the graduation.

  • 9

    Continue the scissor-over-comb technique through to the sides.

  • 10

    Use the texturizing shear to rework the shape to soften the graduation.

  • 11

    Use the trimmer to remove any excess hair that grows outside the natural hairline.

  • 12

    Tighten up the hairline with a barbering comb for a natural finish.

  • 13

    Take a profile into a radial parting. Establish a vertical section and comb perpendicular. Use the guide to length from the block layer and point-cut square.

  • 14

    Continue with pivoting sections and repeat the technique, following the guide through to the radial parting.

  • 15

    Take a profile section from the crown through to the front hairline. Comb perpendicular, elevate to 90 degrees and using the guide to length at the crown, point-cut square.

  • 16

    Take horizontal sections across the top, using the guide to length from the profile. Comb perpendicular, elevate to 90 degrees and point-cut square, working from side to side.

  • 17

    Overdirect the last two sections back to the previous. This will help retain length at the front hairline.

  • 18

    Finish at the sides. Comb to natural fall, elevate to 45 degrees and point-cut the disconnected length at an angle, from short to long.

  • 19

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