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Last updated: September 06, 2019

How To Cut Bangs She Won’t Regret With A Razor

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How To Cut Bangs She Won’t Regret With A Razor

When celebrity stylist Giannandrea (who works with celebs like Jessica Simpson, Alessandra Ambrosio and Karlie Kloss) offers to cut your bangs with a razor, you simply can’t say no. Which is how BTC’s Kristen Cote-Favaro ended up rocking a banging new ‘do, courtesy of the renowned stylist. Check out the steps below to find out how to create these regret-free bangs!


Artist: Giannandrea


  • sectioning hair to cut bangs with a razor
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    Section off the bangs, then pull the remaining hair out of the way. Subdivide this section into three smaller triangle sections. “As each section gets laid on top and it gets cut longer, the overall effect is going to be laid out and thinned out into more of a fan similar to Jane Birkin’s bangs,” says Giannandrea.

  • using a razor to cut bangs
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    Comb the middle section, then, using a razor, make your first cut at about the tip of her nose. Giannandrea says always start lower with the first cut, never higher because if you cut off too much initially, it’s already gone. “The first triangle section is like a roadmap to get the hair to fall in the right place,” says Giannandrea.

  • cutting bangs with a razor and combing hair
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    Comb the middle section again and assess how the hair lays. Using your thumb and index finger to hold the hair taut, take off a little more.

  • sectioning fringe to razor cut bangs
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    Next, subdivide the sides into smaller triangle sections and comb the subsections right on top of the previously cut hair. Before you cut, grab the side section of hair and shake so the shorter hair falls out of the way.

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    Using the middle section as your guide, cut the side section at an angle so it lays a little longer and blends into the rest of the hair seamlessly. Repeat on the other side.

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    Comb the bangs together, shake them out to see how they lay, then trim the sides some more.

  • razored cut layered fringe
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    Take the final two subsections and comb them together with the rest of the bangs. Then, cut these subsections at even more of an angle than the previous cut. Proceed to trim the bangs until you’re satisfied with how they lay.

  • sectioning and cutting fringe with hair scissors
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    Finish the cut by gathering the bangs together and trimming the ends with your thinning shears.

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    Finished look (Instagram via @kcotefavaro)

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