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Last updated: April 11, 2018

Razor-Cutting: Holding The Razor

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There is no doubt razor cuts can be HARD—and figuring out the correct way (that also feels comfortable) to hold the razor can be the most difficult part. So BTC recently hosted a BTC STUDIOS Facebook Live at Bumble and bumble’s House of Bumble, where Bronwen Robinson completed a major razor-cut transformation. The video reached more than 1,500,000 people within hours, and we snagged a ton of tips!


Here’s what Bronwen had to say about holding the razor, and watch the full video below. 


The incredible before and after!


  • Are you right-handed or left-handed?
    • If right-handed, tip the razor to the right and heel the razor to the left while cutting the fringe section.
    • If left-handed, tip the razor to the left and heel the razor to the right. Check out the video at 2:30 to see Bronwen explain!





For right-handed stylists, cut the fringe by tipping to the right and heeling to the left. (Reverse if left-handed!)


  • Stylists sometimes think the razor can create too much texture or can shred the hair. If you use the edge of the razor and the tip-to-the-right, heel-to-the-left technique (or vice versa), that won’t happen.


  • Here’s why: If you fall onto the flat of the razor (meaning the hair and the blade are parallel), that’s when you remove too much weight and that’s how you erase lines. Instead, use the edge across the hair—this will create lines.


Don’t let the razor lay flat against the hair while cutting. Instead, cut on an angle. This will create lines instead of erasing them.


Watch the full Facebook Live below!



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