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Last updated: May 18, 2023

5 Cutting Tips For Perfectly Soft Bobs & Lobs

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn

5 Easy Steps To Cutting Softer, Shorter, Fuller Bobs & Lobs

This season, we’re loving softer, fuller bobs with a little bit of everything—fringe, volume, movement, shine, you name it. So, what’s the secret to this all-in-one, transformative cut? BTC Team Member and short hair expert Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn) is revealing some of her go-to cutting techniques that send her clients home with a trendy, wearable cut they can style with ease.


Check out the results of Carolynn’s cutting service—and keep scrolling to learn how it’s done!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn



5 Deep Point Cutting Tips You Need To Know


1. Prep the hair with a reliable cutting aid

“You will want to use a good cutting aid for this [bob/lob] and all of your haircuts,” Carolynn says. Cutting aids are essential for clean, precise haircuts. Carolynn’s go-to is the FIBRE CLINIX Fortify Multi-Repair Lotion by Schwarzkopf Professional that fights breakage while she cuts with ease.


Click here to try Carolynn’s go-to cutting aid for bobs and lobs!


2. Rest the shears on the neck & glide out

Gently cut along the nape, careful to hold your shears at zero elevation to avoid nicks. Carolynn uses her Designer Series Phantom II 6″ shears from ARC™ Scissors to reach small areas behind the ears and around the face.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


3. Revisit each section with a softer point cut to add diffusion

This simple tip blends the hair for a more seamless grow-out while adding subtle volume. 


Pro tip: If the hair starts to dry during this part of the process, continue applying your cutting aid (a.k.a. FIBRE CLINIX Fortify Multi-Repair Lotion) to cut with ease.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


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4. Build shape & dimension with shorter point cuts

Point cut each section, leaving each section longer as you cut away from the nape. This will help tailor a more angled, dimensional result.


Pro tip: Point cutting also helps preserve length, but with much more structure and movement.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


5. Point cut on each final section to refine

When you reach the final section on either side, point cut using a wide tooth comb as your guide.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


Watch Carolynn’s soft bob cutting technique in action here!

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6. Add a soft, timeless fringe for extra texture

Carolynn loves adding romantic but manageable fringe to her bobs and lobs to add a little extra OOMPH. Here’s how it’s done:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


  • Separate your fringe into a triangle section.
  • Generously apply Schwarzkopf Professional FIBRE CLINX Vibrancy Spray Conditioner as a nourishing cutting lotion
  • To find the perfect length, plan to cut at the top of the cheekbone.
  • Cut using the interior of your blade for an extra soft texture.


Watch the video below to see how Carolynn cuts a soft, romantic fringe!

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