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Last updated: April 12, 2018

Temporary Bangs

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Extensions are one of the most profitable services in the salon today, but not every client wants to commit to the maintenance that comes with applying extensions. Some of your clients may just want a quick, non-permanent option for bangs, or even root coverage. Thankfully DreamCatchers has you and your clients covered with their new CROWN-N-GLORY hair wefts—12-inch strips that can be customized and colored to fit your clients individual needs. “If you have ever worked with a ventilated piece or a lace and closure piece, this is almost the same idea,” shares Katherine Lewis, Dream Team Stylist.


The mesh netting is 1 X 2 inches, so it’s extremely small with two weft clips on each side. “This makes it easy to clip it onto your clients hair, right on the top and style it in a variety of ways,” adds Katherine.


So what styles can you create with the CROWN-N-GLORY? Whatever you want, says Katherine. “Use it to create a part line, to cover up regrowth and even to create a fringe,” she says. Best of all, you can color these pieces and customize them to match your clients color. Wefts are available in six different shades from the DreamCatchers swatch.  

“This is going to be the most versatile piece to keep in your salon and sell to your clients,” believes Katherine. Here are three of Katherine’s tips for boosting salon revenue with CROWN-N-GLORY!

Artist: Katherine Lewis



  • 1

    Color Your Crown. If you need to color the wefts, start with a lighter shade than you need. From there, you can color or deposit or even do lowlights on the piece. “For example, the piece I’m holding is a color 9 and I deposited a darker base,” notes Katherine. This allows you to truly customize the weft to match your clients color.  

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    For All Clients—No Previous Extensions Needed. You can put CROWN-N-GLORY on any client, even non-extension wearing clients and those that seek to cover that pesky regrowth. Put two wefts right on their part line and you can’t see a thing, meaning they can push their color appointment out an extra two weeks before they have to get their color done again.

  • 3

    She bangs. Take your piece and place it in the opposite direction—horizontally. Simply pop it in and pull it forward to style and cut into bangs. Voila…bangs in a matter of minutes.

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