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Last updated: February 02, 2023

Toning Shampoo Color Hacks You Need To Know

Toning Tips To Bust Brass For Good! 

We know how hard it can be to tackle a client that ALWAYS lifts warm. Luckily, taking on that tricky client has never been easier thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional® Artist Brendnetta Ashley (@edgybgirl). She shared her favorite tips for using blue and purple toning shampoo on blonde and brunette clients, so keep reading to learn what you need to do to beat that stubborn warmth.


Cancel unwanted yellow & orange tones— try THIS!


1. Know exactly what tones you want to cancel out

Remember color theory? Here’s a refresher. Often times, purple shampoo is used to cancel out unwanted yellow tones in platinums and bright blondes. But in walks your “expensive brunette” client—and they’re seeing orange?!


Unfortunately, purple won’t do your brunettes any good when it comes to canceling out orange and red undertones. Since blue is the direct counter to orange, you’ll need a blue toning shampoo to neutralize harsh warmth.


We all know how hard it can be to break through orange undertones, so make sure to grab a blue shampoo instead of a purple one! GOODBYE ORANGE® is the perfect pretoning step for your clients that are a Level 6 or lower to beat brass for good. 


Goodbye warmth! See Brendnetta’s before & after:

GOODBYE ORANGE Before and After Schwarzkopf Professional
close formula


Pro Tip: Send your clients home with a blue shampoo like GOODBYE ORANGE® to help maintain color between appointments. Make sure to instruct them to use it twice a week MAX! Establishing a proper schedule for your client’s at-home care is essential to avoid overuse.


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2. The pretoning step you can’t skip

Extensions are all the rage lately and we don’t see the desire for extra long lengths disappearing ANYTIME soon! The only problem? Your blonde extensions come out of the box SO warm.


That’s why Brendnetta applies GOODBYE YELLOW® to her blonde extensions right out of the box. She loves washing her extensions with a toning shampoo before glossing or application because it gives her client a custom look they can’t get anywhere else.


Check out the results below! 

GOODBYE YELLOW Before and After Schwarzkopf Professional
close formula


3. Don’t waste product! Here’s how:

More product does NOT equal better (or stronger) results! Brendnetta advises using a half dime to a dime-sized amount of product when working with an extremely pigmented toning shampoo like GOODBYE YELLOW® and GOODBYE ORANGE®. Because it’s highly pigmented, you don’t need to use a ton of product or let it sit longer than five minutes max which saves you time and money! And who doesn’t love that? 


Remove brassy tones in 1 step!

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