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Last updated: August 11, 2022

Extensions Where? Here’s A Must-Try Tip For Invisible Roots

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @Isabelle_bomane

Genius Rooting Technique For Natural-Looking Extensions

If you’ve ever tried adding pops of color to your client’s hair with extensions, you know blending at the root can get pretty tricky. Keep your extensions looking au naturale with these genius rooting tips from Line One Hair Extensions educator Isabelle McGuire (@isabelle_bomane).


1. Try this secret to match the client’s natural hair

When color matching extensions, Isabelle recommends matching the ends of your client’s natural hair to the extensions first. This ensures the majority of the hair shown matches perfectly, leaving wiggle room to blend the root as needed. Bonus points: doing this will add pops to brighter colors that wouldn’t blend in on their own. 


Isabelle also prefers to use Line One Hair Keratin Flat Tip extensions, which use keratin resin to fit loose hair into molded bonds by hand. Not only do they last about three months, but they also are easy to apply and remove.


Isabelle used Line One’s keratin W15 and C20 extensions for her client’s application and rolled down to make W15 match her hair color perfectly. Photo Credit: Instagram via @isabelle_bomane


2. Melt the bond quickly

Melt the bond quickly and thoroughly. If heat was not applied long enough to activate the keratin bonds, it may not properly seal and cause the extension to slip off of your client’s hair. On the flip side, time your bonding so that the bond doesn’t expand too far; not only can this lead to an uneven application, but it can also damage the hair and make the bond nearly impossible to remove later on.



3. “Tap!” to combine

Sandwich the hair and bond together with your thermal applicator, integrating the keratin and natural hair before rolling. This is essential to making sure the wear stays perfect over time.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @Isabelle_bomane


4. Roll the bonded hair downward to blend

Roll the keratin bond downward between the fingers instead of over to keep the natural hair on the outside for a blended, “rooted” look. Remember, bonds should be round, smooth and shiny with zero edges.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @Isabelle_bomane


Ready to try Isabelle’s technique? Shop her go-to color swatches here as inspo for your next client!


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