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December 20, 2017

Bangs With Zero Commitment


Bangs With Zero Commitment

Bangs: They instantly make cuts look cooler and add edge to any client—but are they worth the commitment? It’s a common question when clients are considering making the chop, but thanks to the new Bang In (a clip-on extension piece) from hairtalk® extensions, it doesn’t have to be. Now stylists can add fullness and a fringe to update their client’s look in just minutes (and without any commitment!). Plus, it’s a great retail opportunity. Watch hairtalk® Artistic Director Vicki Casciola add the Bang In and share some tips on perfecting this service.

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  • 1

    To start, wash, cleanse and condition the Bang In.

  • 2

    Then rinse thoroughly and brush to remove any tangles.

  • 3

    Secure the Bang In onto a mannequin head to prep for the cut.

  • 4

    Once secure, direct the hair about a ½ inch from the back of the bang toward the apex. (This is super important as it will ensure proper blending into the client’s natural hair!) Then, direct the rest forward.

  • 5

    Blow-dry the piece smooth.

  • 6

    Then run a flat iron over the hair on low heat.

  • 7

    Begin point-cutting the fringe area, keeping the length slightly longer than the client’s desired end length. This allows for customization once the piece is placed on the client’s head.

  • 8

    Slide-cut the sides to ensure the Bang In properly blends into client’s hair.

  • 9

    Next, remove the piece from the mannequin.

  • 10

    Secure pin-curl clips onto both sides of the client’s hair. This keeps their natural hair out of the way.

  • 11

    Then place the Bang In on the top of the client’s head, securing the back clip first and the side clips second.

  • 12

    Complete the application by lightly point-cutting to remove additional length.

  • 13

    Finished Look. 

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