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Last updated: May 16, 2022

How To Begin Offering Extension Services

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Three Steps To Begin Offering Hair Extensions To Your Service List

Ever thought, “I know hair extensions would help build my business, but I don’t know how to start offering those services.” Hair extension services can feel intimidating to stylists (there are so many choices!) and you may not think your clientele will want them, but trust us—they DO and we CAN help. Follow these three steps to begin offering hair extensions now without finding a new clientele. Your clients (and your business) will thank you!


1. Get Certified In Hair Extensions 

Learning proper installation, maintenance and extension care is first and foremost before offering the new service. Your extension business should complement your existing offerings, so the certification you choose should reflect the business you want to build. 


Online and in-person training as well as live education like Line One Hair Masterclasses are all options to get certified and learn how to bring extensions to your clientele. Founder of Line One Hair, Drea Jaclyn (@andreahenty) and her team offer private, one-on-one certifications to learn the basics and business of extensions (including how to fill your books once certified). 

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2. Use Loyal Clients To Build Your Books

So now you’re certified, but you don’t have any clients who want extensions? Nope, you do—they are already in your chair! Start offering complimentary extensions to existing clients to add a bit of volume.


All it takes are a few hair extensions (think 5 to 10 bonds or 2 to 4 tape-ins) throughout the front where hair is finer to show a guest what a huge difference extensions can make to their hair.

“It’s worth the $25 investment to gift your loyal clients with hair extensions they never knew they needed,” says Isabelle McGuire (@isabelle_bomane). “You’ll just maintenance the extensions as normal at their next touch-up or trim appointment—this is a great way to introduce the service while gaining a full extension client (and their friends!) along the way.”


Pro TipTry this script with your next client to introduce hair extensions: “We have a few extra minutes—I want to show you how we can fill in your face frame with just a couple of extensions, my treat! No at-home maintenance on your part, do you want to try it?”

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3. Offer Subtle Transformations

You do not need to deliver chin-to-waist transformations when you begin offering extension services. Those before and after pics are great for IG, but starting with more relatable applications like filling out a bob or fine areas will build your books.


“Starting slow and building your craft is how you want to begin adding extension services to your list,” says Drea. “Ease into your new skill by doing volume sets or filling in the just the sides of the head to get used to the technique.”


Try perfecting one method at a time. Drea recommends mastering keratin tips first because they are the most versatile and customizable for almost any client. Once you’re comfortable, continue building your skillset from there. Any extension service is better than none—take your time and show your clients how life-changing extensions can be (for both of you)!

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Ready To Start Hair Extensions Services?

Line One Hair is ready, too! “We teach you everything you need to know about perfect applications and building your dream extension clientele,” says Drea. “Plus, we offer a VIP phone line after you’re certified where the team is available for any help or support you need once you’re back at work!”


Looking for one-on-one training instead of a group setting? Line One offers in person and online classes for all skill levels!
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