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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Get The Look: Petite Extensions, One Big Result

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More and more clients are rocking extensions on the daily (and not just for special occasions), so you need to up your extension offering to make that money! But what about when a full-sized extension just doesn’t work for her? Well, here’s a solution. Watch hairtalk®  Extension Specialist Kristen Colon create a cool braid using the hairtalk® Petite Extensions below.


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Get The Look:
Petite Extensions, One Big Braided Result


1. Section the hair cleanly for an easier application process, then add hairtalk® original extensions and hairtalk® petite extensions in the smaller, more difficult areas of the head.



2. Once all the extensions are added, curl the hair as desired to create more volume.



3. Braid the hair using any technique, and just like that you have a fuller-looking style super fast.



Perfectly Petite
Love this braid? Good news! With these petite tape-in extensions from hairtalk®, adding more hair in the toughest places has never been easier—like back behind the ear or in the spot that’s just too small to fit an original. Plus, they work great on clients with thin strands and smaller head shapes. Watch the video to see the entire process.



Add Some Color or Fix Her Cut
We know that clients love their hair when it looks just a little bit more voluminous. But did you know these smaller extensions are the perfect way to add in a pop of color or fix a grown-out pixie? Their claim to fame is that they’re small and they can do everything the original can’t. Check out one of Kristen’s easy-to-create festival looks using Hairtalk® extensions—who said color can’t be quick?


Photo from @kristenmcolon.

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