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Last updated: November 30, 2018

Here’s How Andrew Fitzsimons Preps The Hair For A High Pony

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Find Out How Celeb Stylist Andrew Fitzsimons Preps The Hair For A High Pony

Elevating a ponytail to A-list status is never simple—it requires a solid foundation, cool-girl texture and MAJOR volume before you ever snatch it back! Watch Andrew Fitzsimons (@andrewfitzsimons), go-to stylist for the Kardashian/Jenner gals and Alterna Haircare Brand Ambassador, show us how to prep a celeb-approved high ponytail (including how he completely camouflages clip-in extensions). 


We invited Andrew to be the FIRST guest in the new BTC house in West Hollywood, a place where hairdressers can come to create, learn and of course, hang with the BTC SQUAD! Get his ponytail prepping tips below and watch the FB live for the full look (plus see the new BTC house!!🎉). 


Products Used


Ponytail Prep Step 1: Create A Solid Base/Structural Starting Point

  • Stylists often overlook the prep for ponytails, which is a big miss. Don’t ever rely only on backcombing for volume.
  • Instead, create a solid, foundational blowout, drying the hair in the direction the ponytail will go. “I put effort into the prep because then I know the hair will respond in the way that I want it to when I start building the end style,” says Andrew.
  • His product of choice when prepping? Alterna Caviar Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter! It creates beautiful, healthy hair while also offering hold, thermal protection to strands and a frizz-free style for 72 hours (when used with the Alterna Caviar Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner)!


Ponytail Prep Step 2: Create Waves In The Hair Before Containing The Ponytail

  • For a luxurious, high-end ponytail, Andrew uses big sections (9 total for this look) and a bigger curling iron (about a 1½-inch or 2-inch iron) when creating waves in the hair.
  • When starting to curl, avoid the roots because that hair will be contained on the scalp and in the ponytail. Instead, start at the midlengths and curl in one direction, holding for a couple of seconds and then letting it fall (see gif below).



  • Then, curl right under that section in the opposite direction, hold for a couple seconds and let it fall. Leave out the ends here to keep it looking more modern (see gif below).



  • For each section, always alternate the direction of the curl so that when the hair is contained in the pony, it doesn’t fall into one interlocked motion, and instead, remains full and voluminous the entire day.
  • Jump to about 8 minutes in the video to see this entire process and hear all of Andrew’s juicy tips!



Ponytail Prep Step 3: Use Clip-In Extensions To Add Length Or Fullness

  • First of all, those red carpet high ponytail moments? There are DEFINITELY extensions in that hair!

  • Hide clip-in extensions completely in a tight, high ponytail with Andrew’s method:

    • Finish the waves before clipping the extensions in.
    • Shampoo the extensions, but don’t condition them—this creates more grip.
    • Use five to 10 wefts on shorter hair when the goal is to add length. Use three wefts to simply add fullness to already-long hair.
  • Andrew likes to clip the extension back on itself—this turns a 4-clip weft into a 2-clip, and a 2-clip weft into a 1-clip (see gif below). “The shorter the extension is width-wise, the better, because typically these are applied in obvious places and we don’t want them visible,” says Andrew.



  • Apply the first extension 2 to 3 inches away from the front of the head—section the front hair off with a clip, then backcomb the root area using a pin-tail comb and use a dot of Alterna Working Hairspray to establish a secure spot to clip the extension into.



Takeaway Prepping Tips: Avoid Unwanted Volume At The Scalp 

  • Make sure there is a lot of tension between the extension clips so that the middle part isn’t too loose. Additionally, always apply the extensions at least a clip-in distance away from the last section to keep the scalp area as flat as possible. 
  • Don’t place the extensions where the ponytail will land—it adds unwanted volume and discomfort for the client. 
  • Tune in around 20 minutes to see the extension action!


Watch the full styling tutorial below! 


Check out some of the incredible ponytails Andrew has created (and shared via Instagram) for his celeb clientele in the slideshow below. 



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