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Last updated: November 20, 2019

The Snatched Pony: 3 Tips From Kim K’s Stylist

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Snatched Ponytail Tips From Ariana Grande’s Hairdresser

Is there anything that says celebrity hair more than a super-snatched ponytail?! We’ll wait. Stars like Kim K, Jennifer Lopez and of course, Ariana Grande have made this look a glam staple and Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) is the iconic hairdresser behind these ponies.


So when Chris and Glam Seamless wanted to throw their summer social party at The BTC House AND demo his iconic high ponytail, we couldn’t say no (honestly, could YOU say no?). In case you missed the party on BTC’s Instagram, we snatched some of Chris’s best tips for perfecting this celebrity style. Check ’em out below!


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1. How To Prep For A Clean And Tight Snatched Pony


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For Chris, keeping clients comfortable while serving a snatched pony is a top priority. “If a client is uncomfortable or the pony is too tight, you can see it on their face,” he explained. “So, I like to use a lot of product instead of pins and just sculpt the hair with spray to create the perfect shape.” Here’s what Chris does:


  • Blow-dry the hair into the direction of the pony.
  • Take rough sections and spray strong hold hairspray on the root throughout the entire head and the hairline.
  • Brush all of the saturated hair back and if needed, lightly blow-dry the product in place. Then, brush all of the hair into a pony and secure with a bungee.  


Pro Tip: If your client has bangs or face-framing pieces, Chris likes to place a three-strand braid on the top of the head to create a cutie detail.


2. Take Your Pony To The Next Level With Extensions

To add extra drama, Chris will place Glam Seamless Invisi-Clips Hair Extensions. (He creates a custom ponytail using clip-in wefts and sewing elastic cord into the netting of the extension.) Here’s how:


  • Start by clipping the extensions flat to the scalp.
  • Then, wrap the elastic cord around the pony and cut off the excess.
  • To hide the elastic, saturate a section of hair with strong hold hairspray and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.
  • Then, hit the section with a little heat to keep the hair in place.


3. Braid The Excess Hair Away


Chris Appleton, ponytail, celeb styling


If your client has a lot of natural hair, it could throw off the vibe of the pony. Braiding the client’s hair underneath their snatched pony is a discrete way to hide their hair and also support the weight of the ponytail…so in other words, GENIUS. Chris broke it down like this:


  • Have your client or assistant hold up the ponytail, separating the extension from the client’s natural hair.
  • Create a simple, three-strand braid with the client’s hair and secure with an elastic.
  • Gently roll the braid up into a bun at the base of the ponytail and secure with pins.
  • Let the ponytail down and LIVE for a supported, higher ponytail!


Click through the slideshow to check out Chris’s snatched pony and the party vibes!


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