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Last updated: May 13, 2022

Chemical-Free Money Piece? Here’s How!

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Chemical-Free Money Piece? Here’s How!

Clients want to go blonde without the color commitment? Great Lengths Executive Artistic Director Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) has the extension technique for you! A halo extension service using GL Pre-Bonded extensions will give your clients a bright, lightener-free face frame they’ll adore.


What are GL Pre-Bonded extensions? They are Remy extensions that feature a copolymeric compound that resembles human hair, which allows it to expand when exposed to water and contract when heated like a natural hair follicle. The extensions are customizable, for an invisible application that lasts between four to six months. Want to learn more? Get the steps below!


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    Section off hair above the ear. Get as close to the hairline as possible, while still leaving coverage in case the client wears their hair up. Pull the selected hair through the applicator and clip it to the hair to hold.

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    Place the Great Lengths GL Pre-Bonded extension on the hair and bond together using the Great Lengths GL Ultrasonic Touch or GL 3200 Thermal.

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    After applying two bonds, pull the hair up to make sure there’s enough hair left out at the perimeter to blend the extensions into the hair. Continue moving up the head.


    Pro Tip: Apply the extensions exactly where you’d place color during a balayage service for the same result, minus the lightener.

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    Once the part line is reached, start using “micro bonds,” GL Pre-Bonded extensions cut into a tiny pieces, to match the extensions to the density of the client’s hairline. When placing the extension, make sure to take into account the hair’s natural fall to avoid added stress on the hair. GL Pre-Bonded extensions can be cut into mini, micro and custom bonds to fit the client’s hair density. 

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    Choose a root color that matches the client’s base when applying extensions by the part or hairline to blend. If you don’t have a two-toned extension in stock, pre-blend to create your own by fusing two separate extension shades together before applying to the hair. Pre-blending gives the client a more dimensional look while matching the base for a seamless blend.

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    Once you finish applying extensions at the face frame and on the sides, move to the nape. Start placing extensions about three rows up in the back.

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    After the nape is finished, point cut the extensions to blend in with the hair. Point cutting helps maintain fullness and softens the ends, while creating a strong perimeter. 


    Pro Tip: The deeper the point cut, the softer and more texturized the hair will be. The softer the point cut, the stronger the line.

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    To blend the top layer to the perimeter, switch to a slide cutting technique. Look at the hair and see where it needs to be blended for a seamless transition. Continue slide cutting until all the layers are blended.

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    Finish the face frame by over directing back towards the nape and slide cutting to take out any excess length.

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    Apply Great Lengths Heat Protecting Spray and comb through for even distribution. Use a 1 ¼-inch curling iron to curl the hair in alternating directions for a natural beach waved look.


    Pro Tip: When sectioning, use triangle parts so the hair overlaps as it falls to create a less blocky curl pattern.

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    Finished Look


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