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Last updated: October 08, 2020

Make More Money With This Extension Tip!

Watch & Learn How Extension Services Can Increase Your Income

We all know a full or partial head of extensions will bring in a lot of money, but not every client wants a full head of extensions. That’s why Great Lengths USA Executive Artistic Director Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) wants you to take the less is more approach and start offering a few extensions in your haircut and blowout services to add volume and density to the clients hair.


Intrigued? Keep scrolling to learn why this add-on service can make you more money and which extensions are right for you, then watch the video tutorial above to grab the rest of Danielle’s extension and business tips!


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Extensions Can Be An Add-On Service

When dealing with clients who have thinner hair in places or just want more body without a full installation commitment, a few strategically placed tape-ins can give them the results they want and increase your income. Applying one or two tape-in extensions on the sides of the client’s head can double or triple your fee at the end of the service.


When it comes to pricing her services, Danielle prefers to break her extension prices down by the hour. Remember extensions are a luxury service, so charge more and make sure the price covers the cost of your hair. It helps to have menu of services available with estimated prices for the client to refer to.


3 Extensions That Are Great For Adding Density

Wondering what extensions will work best? That depends on the client. Great Lengths has a variety of tape-ins that work for the interior or perimeter of the hair.


  • GL Tape-Ins: The classic Great Lengths GL Tape-Ins are great for adding volume or even correcting damage from a chemical service or a bad haircut. The tape-ins work great for clients with thinning hair, but Danielle cautions against leaving the hair too long at the crown area to cover sparse sections. It makes it harder for the extensions to blend in with the client’s hair.


  • GL TAPES+: Great Lengths GL TAPES+ work great for clients that need coverage closer to the hairline. The hair is injected through the tape, similar to a lace front wig, to seamlessly blend in with the client’s hair. 


  • GL Pre-Bonded: Great Lengths GL Pre-Bonded extensions are strand by strand keratin extensions. These can be applied all the way up to the hairline to allow the client to pull back the hair and still hide the extensions. The keratin-infused extensions are pricier, so you can add more to your service price and give the client more confidence with a fuller look around the face.


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