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Last updated: July 18, 2019

4 Tape-In Extension Styling Must-Dos

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4 Things To Remember When Styling Tape-In Extensions

You’ve installed a gorgeous set of tape-in extensions on your client, and now it’s time to style…what should you do to make sure the style lasts AND the extensions stay healthy? We talked to Great Lengths USA Executive Artistic Director Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) about her top four must-know tricks when it comes to styling extensions. Check them out!

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1. Avoid the adhesive tabs.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to stress this to clients—never apply heat directly to the adhesive tabs. Heat can weaken the tapes and extensions won’t last as long.


2. Use appropriate products for the end goal.

It is okay to use products on extensions, especially when the hair is healthy, strong human hair like Great Lengths. Depending on your end goal, here’s what to remember:


  • When styling for special events, don’t be afraid to use hairspray with serious hold.
  • For everyday styling, or for a great suggestion for your client, encourage use of a thermal protectant. Great Lengths extensions are real human hair, so protect them the same way you would protect a client’s natural hair!


Danielle came to The BTC House in West Hollywood to demo her Great Lengths GL Tapes tips and tricks!


3. Turn up the heat!

And this is why Danielle suggests using a heat protectant…Great Lengths hair is super healthy, so you may find that turning up the heat on styling tools will help the extensions hold style a little longer. Make sure to explain to your client that they should drop the heat back down when styling sections of just natural hair, without extensions taped in, to keep their hair in top condition.


4. Time the wash process correctly.

This is a crucial tip for brides or other special event styling, Danielle says: Pre-washed extensions will hold style better than extensions that weren’t washed. Timing is important here—clients should wait two days before washing their tape-in extensions after the initial install. If your client is a bride, make sure the extensions were either washed and dried prior to installation, or that she has that two-day buffer before her wedding so she can wash them and then come to you for her wedding style.


Peep the slideshow below to see how Danielle transformed this model at The BTC House!



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