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Last updated: August 31, 2018

Tape-In Extensions: 4 Tips For The Most Undetectable Finish

Four Extension Transformation Tips Using The New GL Tapes
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Top Tips For Installing Tape-In Extensions

Are you in the extensions game yet? Tape-ins can make you serious money, especially if you start to specialize. We went to two pros for all of their tape-in extension tips: BTC Team Member Zach Mesquit and Great Lengths Ambassador Lyndsay Maderis! Scroll down to watch their quickie vids, then get four tips to install undetectable tape-in extensions!

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4 Extension Transformation Tips

1. Color Matching: Use multiple colors! Even if the hair is black, use two shades of black. Sandwiching two different colors creates a unique combo that mimics natural color. Monotone shades can look artificial—a dead giveaway that there are extensions in the hair.


2. Extensions Selection: Choose a tape-in extension that gives the most seamless finish. GL Tapes have a narrow profile to reduce bulk on the head, and GL Tapes Plus have tapelines that are totally covered in hair, making them even more undetectable. Check out the video below for a close-up look at GL Tapes Plus!



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3. Application: Start application in the back of the head, and as you work, consider how the hair would look in a ponytail. Leave a perimeter of natural hair to cover the tapes when your client pulls her hair back.


4. Customization: If you don’t consider yourself an extensions expert yet, use a razor or texturizing scissors to cut and blend—they are more forgiving and more can more easily soften the blunt line of extensions. After getting more comfortable cutting and customizing each client, then you can use scissors to create a more delicate cut or to point-cut the perimeter. “I think stylists get scared to cut extensions after all the investment, but cutting is critical to creating a natural blend,” says Lyndsay. 


BONUS! Watch @lyndsaymaderis give her client a completely new look using the GL Tapes!



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