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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Coloring Tape-In Extensions: 3 Questions And Answers

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Questions About Coloring Tape-In Extensions? Here Are Answers

Tape-in extensions are serious moneymakers, but they also sometimes make hairdressers nervous—clients invest a lot of money in them, so the stakes feel super high when it comes to coloring tape-ins. We went to extensions and color experts, @lyndsaymaderis (a Platinum Great Lengths Extensionist), @sadieface (a Great Lengths Artist) and @stylistricardosantiago (a color specialist) to calm your fears and give you their top tape-in extension coloring tips!

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Can You Color Tape-In Extensions?

You can if you need to. “Great Lengths GL Tapes have so many colors [more than 60!], I rarely even have to,” Lyndsay says.


A pro tip from Sadie: “I feel it’s always best to match the extensions to the hair, not the hair to the extensions, so color-matching is a must. This will solve a lot of unnecessary hassle.


When Should You Color Tape-In Extensions?

In situations where a very custom shade is necessary, all three of our experts prefer to color GL Tapes before installation. Their top tips:


  • “GL Tapes act like virgin hair so coloring them is a dream,” Lyndsay says. “Because they are double-drawn, the hair is super dense, so make sure to saturate them thoroughly—be generous with the color!”
  • Lay tape-ins flat on a tray for a clean and organized work surface. Make sure to flip the hair and paint the other side as well. Push the hair color into the hair to ensure saturation.
  • “I believe that damp hair allows for better porosity and keeps the color even when reworking the shade,” Sadie says.
  • Massage the color into the hair and comb to prevent dry pockets. 
  • Protect the adhesive site by covering the non-adhesive side of the tape-in with an easy release tape like blue painter’s tape. Not protecting the extension attachment area can compromise the adhesive—if the adhesive does become compromised, replace the adhesive strip with Great Lengths Reusing Tape to ensure durability.
  • Ricardo demonstrated his color technique on Instagram—check it out below!




Can I Color Hair Without Removing Tape-In Extensions?

Our experts try to schedule root retouches at the same time their clients are scheduled for retapings, but sometimes things just don’t work out this way. In those cases, here’s what they say to do:


  • GL Tapes should be applied ½ inch from the scalp, so there is plenty of room if a client wants a 3- or 4-week retouch.
  • Keep sections clean and don’t oversaturate color at the roots to cut back on bleeding or staining the tapes.

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