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Last updated: May 06, 2021

4 Tips For Coloring Hair Extensions

how to color k-tip and weft hair extensions toning avoid spots dreamcatchers hair extensions
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How To Color Wefts + K-Tips Like A Pro

Your clients want their dream haircolor, and they want it fast. Here’s an idea! Adding extensions to any color service will allow you to build dimension and create transformations LIKE THAT. Plus, you can give your client’s natural hair a break between bigger chemical processes! Sounds amazing, but where should you start? We’ve got you.


We spoke with extensions experts at DreamCatchers Battle Of The Strands for top tips on coloring the new Weft and K-Tip hair extensions. Keep scrollin’ to read them all!


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1. The Difference Between Coloring K-Tips + Wefts

The lacing at the top of a Weft is colorable, but the keratin at the top of the K-tip is not, says Melody Lowenstein from @rossmichaelssalon. Consider this when planning out the application and shade selection, especially with high-contrast, rooty looks because that K-tip is going stay whatever color the original extension is.


Map out the installation with hybrid applications based on the desired color placement. For example: Applying K-tips around the hairline and nape, and Wefts throughout for added fullness and dimension.


2. How To Avoid Splotchy Color

Coloring extensions can be different than coloring hair on the head, because of the difference in density. That’s why saturation is KEY. Here are a few tips to know!


  • Avoid Spots: To prevent splotchy color, @nealmhair saturates the weft extensions, flips them over and saturates again on the other side, then flips them back to check. Always finish by combing the color through.


how to color k-tip and weft hair extensions toning avoid spots dreamcatchers hair extensions
The #1 rule of coloring weft extensions: SATURATION!


  • Choosing Extensions: @hairbykatlin uses DreamCatchers Wefts because while they’re machine wefts, they’re as thin as hand-tied wefts—this makes it easy to saturate and seamlessly blend without bulk in the installation.


  • Brush Like This: Instead of swiping down, @jessicapowerspaints suggests swiping up with the color brush. Also, try turning the brush and digging into the hair for saturation.


  • No More Bands: Saturate the seam! The top of Wefts are slightly thicker than the rest of the extension, so Neal always spreads the hair open to get the color in there.


how to color k-tip and weft hair extensions toning avoid spots dreamcatchers hair extensions
Pro Tip: At the top of the weft, spread open the hair to ensure saturation.


  • Use Tension: Ideally, it’s better to apply the extensions and then color the hair, says @themorganbrackhair. If you are coloring before the client comes in, tape them down to hold in place. Tension is key to get even saturation.


3. Try This Toning Trick

Here’s a fast way that @nealmhair tones extensions! Apply color with a runnier consistency directly to a bucket of water, and dip the extensions in. The water will saturate without any holes. For melts, try dipping the extensions from the mids to ends.


4. Must-Know Tips For Coloring K-Tips

K-tip extensions, aka Keratin protein tips, are perfect for undetectable installations—especially around the nape and front hairline, so the client doesn’t see them poke out when the hair is pulled back. Here are a few tips to color K-tips like a pro!


  • Apply Color To The Bundle: @gerilynghaisarzadeh prefers to color K-tips when they’re still in the bundle, instead of individually. Then, she breaks open the bundle to fill in any potential spots or holes.


  • Avoid Bands: If you don’t saturate high enough, this will create a slight band of lighter color by the tip. That’s why @hairbyczr suggests separating the hair and opening it up to work the color up into the tip.


how to color k-tip and weft hair extensions toning avoid spots dreamcatchers hair extensions
Pro Tip: Customize color by using both Wefts and K-Tips to create unique placement and creative designs.

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