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Last updated: July 18, 2019

GL Apps Extensions from Great Lengths

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GL Apps Extensions from Great Lengths

Extend your skills and extend your income when you bring extension services into the salon. Tape extensions couldn’t be easier, and now Great Lengths has devised GL Apps. The single, two-sided adhesive tabs can be applied quickly, and they blend seamlessly into the client’s own hair. Here, fine, midlength strands become long and luxurious—in no time flat!

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Who Did It
Hair: Angie Waters-Embertson, National Educator for Great Lengths USA
Photography: Shawn McKindra

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    Sectioning or parting the hair serves as a blueprint for the application and allows for control and precision. Within each section, subsections are created for GL Apps placement. Make sure there is enough of the client’s hair in each subsection to completely cover both the front and back side of the GL apps attachment tab.

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    Beginning at the nape section, flat iron the client’s hair. This furthers your ability to achieve controlled, precise placement. Proper alignment of the GL Apps with the client’s natural strands is essential for an easy-to-maintain, long-lasting application. Always stand directly behind the point where you are placing the GL App and work perpendicular to the direction of the client’s natural hair growth. This prevents overdirection or misalignment of the GL App placement.

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    Beginning in the middle of the subsection, remove the film covering the adhesive tab on one side of the GL App; then press the GL App into the client’s hair at its natural fall, ¼-inch from the scalp. Do not pull the client’s hair into the attachment from a section wider than the width of the App.

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    Working from the center to the ear on each side, repeat the previous step to complete the first row.

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    Once the row is complete, remove the film covering the adhesive tab and align a veil of hair over the GL App adhesive tab.

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    Once the GL App is properly attached, lift the attachment subsection and place the Safety Band on the underneath side of the attachment. The Safety Band serves as a protective barrier so that the heat and natural oils from the scalp won’t affect the longevity or resilience of the attachment.

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    Once the GL App and Safety Band are properly placed, the GL App Connecting Tool is used. The Connecting Tool applies pressure evenly across the GL App attachment, properly adhering the GL App into place.

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    The completed application is now ready for the cut.

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    Because this is a lengthening service, the cut objective is to seamlessly blend the lengths between the GL App subsections and the client’s natural hair layers while maintaining the length of the overall silhouette. For extensions, soft cutting techniques like point-cutting are always recommended.

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    10. Side-cutting blends the layers while maintaining the length.

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    Interested in becoming Great Lengths certified? Learn how you and your salon can increase service volume by $20,000 to $50,000 in one year! Info here!

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