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June 14, 2017

Vintage Waves With Extensions


Vintage Waves With Extensions

The King of Hollywood waves, Mustafa Avci, is no stranger to extensions. “I almost always use extensions, but the curl I get in her natural hair and the curl I create in her extension often don’t match.” For this look, he used TRUMATCH by Daniel Alain extensions, which not only match clients’ color and texture, but also their denier (or the thickness of each individual hair strand). Check out how Mustafa creates tons of volume and his signature Hollywood wave technique with TRUMATCH extensions! 


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  • 1

    Install TRUMATCH extensions to amp up the client’s fullness and volume. Take a radial section from ear to ear, then a curved section at the nape.

  • 2

    Spray the first section evenly with Sebastian Shaper Fierce. Be sure to spray the section from all angles—the top, underneath and sides—before curling.

  • 3

    Begin the curl by wrapping the hair flat around a 1-inch iron first. After flat-wrapping once, twist the section and wrap. Then, flat wrap again, then twist again. Repeat until all the hair is wrapped.

  • 4

    Clip the curl with a metal clip on base.

  • 5

    Take another curved section above the curl that was just completed and repeat the technique, creating curls in a bricklay pattern.

  • 6

    Move onto the sides, creating curls the same way and in a bricklay pattern.

  • 7

    After curls have cooled, remove the clip from the first section. Stretch out the curl and use a fine-tooth comb to gently backcomb underneath the wave and at the root. Fan the curl out with your fingers. Use the end of a tail comb and hairspray to detail each curl.

  • 8

    Spray each ridge of each wave for definition and hold.

  • 10

    Finished Look – Side

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