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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Metallic Melt + Tape-In Extensions

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Metallic Melt + Tape-In Extensions

Yes, extensions give your clients’ hair instant length and fullness—but they can also help you step up your color-melting game. Rebecca Taylor—aka @rebeccataylorhair to her 522k Instagram followers—uses TRUMATCH Tape-In Extensions to give her color melts MAJOR dimension filled with rich, contrasting tones. Get all the steps below for Rebecca’s metallic melt, then use it as inspo for your own amazing creation and win BIG—enter your best work created with extensions and WIN up to $2,500 in TRUMATCH tape-in extensions! Upload your photo to Instagram and tag #trumatchcontent and #behindthechair!



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    Starting with prelightened hair, create a 2-inch section at the nape and clip the rest of the hair away. Rebecca recommends using five fashion colors when creating a color melt, so the finished look is rich with dimension and a variety of tones.

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    Take a small section and apply the darkest shade to the area where the base section meets the prelightened hair—this will help soften the line of demarcation. Apply the color with a brush, and then blend using gloves to fully saturate the hair.

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    For each section, apply three colors: the darkest shade to the base, a lighter shade to the midlengths and the lightest shade to the ends. Continue taking sections throughout and applying varying tones, then process for up to an hour. Rinse with cold water.

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    Next, mimic the melting technique used on your client’s natural hair on TRUMATCH Tape-In Extensions—uncoated, true-to-tone hair that allows you to lift up to two levels and deposit two levels darker. Process for up to an hour, then rinse with cold water.


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    Then, clip away the hair at the crown and apply TRUMATCH Tape-In Extensions on a forward diagonal for seamless blending. Start by taking a small section of hair.

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    Pick up the TruMatch extension and remove the tape, then place it close to the scalp and underneath the small section.

    Pro Tip: Each section should be thin enough that it’s see-through, so it will be easier to sandwich the tabs together

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    Then, add a second extension on top of the section, and press the tape together to seal.

    Pro Tip: For color melts, Rebecca recommends mixing and matching extensions with different melting patterns to create contrast and dimensional tones.

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    Repeat until you’ve reached the ideal amount of fullness and length. Then, trim the extensions by slide cutting at an angle—cutting with either shears or a razor—to seamlessly blend.

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    Finished Look