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Last updated: October 26, 2020

3 Extensions Tricks For Chemical-Free Highlights


Watch: Chemical-Free Highlights With Hybrid Weft Extensions 

Your client comes in requesting highlights but their hair could use a break from chemical services, what now? Here’s an idea: Offer them a color transformation with extensions! Not only can you give even your darkest brunettes pops of blonde without the brass, but you can create fullness for results that actually look like their inspo pics. Donna Bella Hair Master Educator Baelee Reiter (@inbaeleeschair) is sharing how it’s done with Hybrid Weft Extensions, plus a few expert tricks!  


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What Are Hybrid Weft Extensions?

Hybrid Wefts are always sewn in like wefts that you’ve seen before, but they are thin and stackable with the ability to trim without shedding. Genius, right? They are machine-bonded at the top, but the extensions lay flat like Hand Tied Wefts to prevent unwanted bulk.


Plus, they’re super thin, so you can cut them with a shear to customize the size without having to worry about using adhesive to secure the ends. In the video above, Baelee applied rows of silicone beads to sew the Hybrid Wefts onto the track. 


1. How To Stack Colors For Natural Balayage Results

If you want to build natural dimension, Baelee recommends stacking three rows of Hybrid Wefts. To create the natural pop of blonde, she sandwiched a row in #6/10 (caramel highlights and lowlights) between two dark brunette wefts in #1B. By placing the highlight color in between, this creates a natural balayage look. If you’re just adding fullness without length, leave up to 1.5-inch between each row.


2. Fast Cheats For Sewing Wefts

Clean applications, every time! Here are a few quick rules to sew by: 


  • Create a knot with the thread and needle right above the top of the weft to act like an anchor that will secure the extensions into place.


  • As you thread the needle through each section, hold the other thread in your opposite hand out and in a loop to avoid tangling.


  • When you pull up on the thread, gently pull down on the weft to secure each stitch. 


How To Apply Hybrid Weft Hair Extensions Donna Bella For Chemical Free Highlights Balayage
Peep Baelee’s Loop Trick!


3. Tricks For Avoiding Slippage + Visibility

The two biggest potential problems with applying extensions? Running into issues with slippage or finishing the installation and realizing the beads and rows are visible! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 


  • Prevent Slippage: If you’re stacking Hybrid Wefts, always secure each row with mini clips to prevent rows from slipping.


  • Avoid Visible Beads & Wefts: If the client has fine hair, don’t apply extensions above the parietal ridge, BUT if the hair is thicker. you have a bit more flexibility with placement.


Swipe For The Before & After From The Demo!

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