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Last updated: July 18, 2019

BTC Exclusive! TRUMATCH Hair Extensions

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A colorist crowned by Vogue as “the best blonder in the business,” three of social media’s biggest hairdressers, and a new extensions line with ties to the famed René of Paris—BTC has the exclusive look at what went down behind the scenes at the TRUMATCH by Daniel Alain photo shoot!


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Extensions That Truly Match

Your clients are requesting hair extensions now more than ever, but it can be hard to match her color, texture and density for a truly seamless result. TruMatch creator Daniel Alain Hafid (whose father is the acclaimed founder of René of Paris, one of the nation’s largest wig wholesalers) and celebrity colorist Kim Vo (Hollywood’s top blonding expert) say these tape-in extensions are game-changers. Here’s why.


  1. Match her texture. From straight with body, slightly wavy, medium wavy or curly, there is a texture for every woman.
  2. Match her color. Start with the 16 Kim Vo-developed shades, created exclusively for TruMatch to reflect the high-fashion hues your clients want now. Then add the ability to lift and deposit tone-on-tone up to two levels, and you can really deliver a TruMatch.
  3. Match her denier. What’s denier? It’s the precise thickness of her hair strand—very fine, fine, medium or coarse. TruMatch may be the only extension company to offer this level of  precision hair matching.




The TruMatch team, from left to right: celebrity colorist Kim Vo, photo shoot creative director Richard Mannah, vice president of business development Carleen North, TruMatch founder Daniel Alain Hafid, photographer David Mannah.

To put TruMatch Extensions to the test, Daniel and Kim let three of social media’s biggest superstar stylists run wild. Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph), Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci) and Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair) cut, colored and styled the tape-in extensions, and we got the behind-the-scenes exclusive. Here’s what each social media star had to say about TruMatch.


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@hairandmakeupbysteph styled the TruMatch extensions to perfection.

Stephanie: “Most of my brides want extensions, but it’s hard to find ones that match texture perfectly. If a beach bride is in humidity, her natural texture starts to show, and the extensions don’t match. But because I can match texture and denier, humidity doesn’t matter.”  


@mustafaavci preps his model for his signature Hollywood waves.

Mustafa: “I almost always use extensions, but the curl I get in her natural hair and the curl I create in her extension just don’t match. That’s why I like TruMatch extensions. They match her denier, texture and color exactly. They’re undetectable.” 


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@rebeccataylorhair had no problem creating her trademark color melts on TruMatch extensions.

Rebecca: “Direct dye often looks hollow on extensions, and the second a client uses a heat tool, that color scorches away. With TruMatch, I can melt the color on these just like I would on natural hair because there isn’t any coating on the strands. And my clients can use heat tools without fear of fading.”


The 16 TruMatch shades were handcrafted by Kim Vo.

Kim: “When your client leaves the salon and she gets a compliment, that’s great. But when she gets a compliment on the way back to your salon, that’s when you have a truly loyal client. And that’s what TruMatch Hair Extensions do— they give her confidence. We can match the color, the texture and the denier, so she’s our billboard. And these are dream colors. My favorite one is the bombshell ‘blondorexic’—I took the shade as high as I can go, but kept it natural.”   


See more of the gorgeous looks created by Stephanie, Mustafa and Kim below!







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