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June 15, 2017

Beachy, Five-Strand Braid


Beachy, Five-Strand Braid

We’re always on the lookout for creative new upstyles from Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph), our resident bridal guru. This soft, voluminous five-strand braid—updated with airy texture and wispy, lived-in pieces—is a perfect example, and will make choosing your next beach bridal style a piece of cake. Here’s how Steph does it using TRUMATCH by Daniel Alain extensions! Want to try TRUMATCH? Sign up for an exclusive invitation.




  • 1

    Install TRUMATCH extensions to create more fullness and volume. Create a high horseshoe section at the crown of the head and clip away.

  • 2

    Separate the hair into five sections. It helps to visualize this braid as a three-strand braid on one side and another three-strand braid on the other side.

  • 3

    Begin with the three strands on the right side. Take the outside right section and lift it over the center section next to it, coming to the middle as you would with a three-strand braid.

  • 4

    Do the same with the left strand, bringing it to the middle.

  • 5

    Continuing with the remaining two strands on the left, drop the first two sections on the right. Use the center section to add to the left two strands.

  • 6

    Use the same technique with the left-side sections, beginning with the outside left section and bringing it to the middle.

  • 7

    Take the inside section from the right and place this in the middle.

  • 8

    Drop the left two sections and continue the same technique on the other side, using the middle section as the third strand for your right side.

  • 9

    Keep using the same technique on both sides and you’ll see the five-strand braid take its shape. Make sure there is enough tension as you work.

  • 10

    When finished, secure the ends with a clear elastic and deconstruct the braid by loosening with your fingers to achieve your desired effect.

  • 11

    For stray bits of hair that fall out, use your flat iron to bend the hair so it bends with the braid.

  • 12

    Continue to pinch and pull parts of the braid for added texture and looseness.

  • 13

    Release the top horseshoe section and backcomb for volume.

  • 14

    Use your fingers and texture spray to create natural volume through the front and crown, blending this section loosely into the braid.

  • 15

    Gather the hair from the top section together, leaving out a few front pieces for softness, and pull this section through the braid.

  • 16

    Finished look. 

  • 17

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