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Last updated: May 13, 2021

4 Tips To Create A Semi-Halo Braid

How-To: Semi-Halo Braid Styling Technique

Struggling to create a full crown braid? Bridal expert Cat Hughes (@cathughesxo) has a solution to your styling worries! The semi-halo braid technique is a faster, easier way to get the same look, and she’s breaking it down step by step in the tutorial above. Keep scrollin’ for four key takeaway tips to perfect the process.


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#1 How To Build The Foundation

Say it with us, prep is everything! Here is a breakdown of how Cat starts the semi-halo braid by creating a foundation that will maximize control during the braiding process.


  • Prep: Apply 1 to 3 pumps of Moroccanoil® Blow-Dry Concentrate to the palms, rub into the hair and blow-dry. Do not straighten to maintain fluffiness in the foundation.


  • Base Section: Create a circular section in the back, leaving the sides out to create the braids. Pin the section down to anchor at the base, and overlap the pins to secure.


  • Product Cocktail: Cat loves to mix Moroccanoil® Smoothing Lotion + Moroccanoil® Treatment + Moroccanoil® Hydrating Style Cream for smoothness, shine and hold. She applies the mixture to the back of her hand and pieces it through the hair with her fingers, then combs through.


  • Add Volume To The Base: To create airy volume, Cat uses a five-prong comb, running it to the base for tension and then pinching the hair directly out from the scalp in thin, vertical sections.


Pro Tip: Cat suggests not styling with hairspray, but instead, saving it until the end to lock in the style.


semi halo braid how to tutorial @cathughesxo moroccanoil styling bridal hair trends
Remember to hold the comb at the base while you pinch.


#2 Semi-Halo Braid

Now it’s time to create a three-strand, inside-out braid on both sides! Here are some key things to remember.


  • Section out the hairline for later. Take the braid section, rub the product cocktail on your palms and run through the hair.


  • Start with three strands close to the top, turn away and add hair as you continue to braid. Keep the braid flat to the scalp. Work along the base section and after reaching behind the ear, add hair in from the hairline section for a swoop effect.


semi halo braid how to tutorial @cathughesxo moroccanoil styling bridal hair trends
Cover the hairline by adding pieces from the front section.


  • To prevent loosening the braid, only pinch out each of the sides to achieve fullness. Don’t pinch directly out. Take your time!


semi halo braid how to tutorial @cathughesxo moroccanoil styling bridal hair trends
Pinch out the sides only to add fullness to the braid.


  • Once you reach the back, add half of the base section into the braid and continue to pinch. Continue down the strand and tie with an elastic. Next, repeat everything you’ve learned on the other side!


#3 How To Connect + Finish The Style

Establish which braid will sit on top. Take the two braided sections, open one braid up and feed the other one through. Pin each braided section up to create the halo braid and secure with closed pins. Don’t open the pins, otherwise they will be exposed.


Once the braid is secure, apply Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray. Then, curl the front hairline section loosely and away from the face. Pin some of the curls back into the braid.


semi halo braid how to tutorial @cathughesxo moroccanoil styling bridal hair trends
Open up the braid to feed the other one through!


#4 Try This Tip For Brides With Veils

Cat never likes to use veils with combs, because they get stuck in the hair. Instead, choose a veil with loops to pin into the style. This way, brides won’t have to deal with any discomfort or the braid getting caught in their finished style!


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