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Last updated: July 26, 2021

5 Easy Elastics-Only Hairstyles

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5 Simple Hairstyles That Will Make It Look Like You Really Tried

Grab that bag of elastics shoved in the back of your drawer, we have the cutest styles for you and your clients to try. Check out five of our favorite vids from the French hairstylist who has perfected a chic way of quick styling, Poppy Isenmann (@poppy_hairstyles)!


Three-Strand Glam Ponytail

Elevate the average pony with this intricate looking style!

  • In three even sections, tie one low ponytail behind the left ear, one in the center, and one behind the right ear
  • Start with the left ponytail and separate hair in half to create a hole just above the elastic band
  • With the thumb and pointer finger, slightly twist this section while grabbing the center ponytail to pull through the hole—repeat this step with the right ponytail
  • Gently tighten elastics and pull the hair at the crown for volume, finish with Moroccanoil® Treatment Light for shine and smoothness through the ponytail
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Faux French Braid Pigtails

Great for hairstyling beginners and an easy trick to pass along to clients:

  • Start by sectioning the hair in two with a straight part from front to back
  • Create a small parting with two sections at the hair line and twist the strands around each other two times
  • After the second twist, begin adding in hair to each section before twisting
  • Repeat this technique down the head to the nape of the neck and secure the twists with an elastic
  • Gently pull each twisted section to create volume for an illusion of thick faux braids
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Knotted Low Bun

So simple, you won’t even need a mirror!

  • If the hair is fine or has little texture, begin with Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray for an added grip
  • Bring all of the hair into a low ponytail, on the last loop, only pull the hair partially through the elastic to create a bun
  • Gently pull the hair at the base of the elastic and at the crown to create volume and texture within the bun
  • Split the remaining hair from the ponytail in two sections, bring both sections up and tie a knot with the hair around the bun
  • Take the remaining hair from the knot and create another knot underneath the bun or secure any loose ends down
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Bubble Braids

Spice up a simple braided style—add hair chains, gems, or floral clips for a personal touch!

  • Start by parting the hair in half, straight down the center 
  • Near the hairline, secure the first ponytail in the center of the section with an elastic 
  • Continue by making another ponytail behind the first, incorporating the first ponytail before securing the second elastic
  • Repeat this process down the length of the hair being sure to incorporate the previous ponytail into each new section
  • Gently pull on each secured section to create volume to make the “bubbles” defined 
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Voluminous Twist & Pull Ponytail

Only a few simple steps to create this gorgeous pony. (We’ll keep your secret)!

  • Bring a section of hair from each side together to create a loose half-up-half-down ponytail
  • Using the thumb and index finger, place hand underneath the ponytail and twist clockwise
  • With the same two fingers, grab all the remaining hair and pull through the twist 
  • Gently pull the elastic snug and finish with a quick tease and spray of Moroccanoil® Dry Shampoo on the ponytail for huge volume
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