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Last updated: February 01, 2023

Ethical Traceability & Extensions: This Will Change Your Salon Business

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Do You Know Where Your Extensions Come From? LUSH By Hotheads® Can Tell You!

If you’ve ever wondered where your extensions come from, you’re not alone. While talking about ethical sourcing is important, why not take it a step further and know exactly where and how your hair is produced? LUSH by Hotheads® is proud to be the first hair-extension line to share and map actual traceable data, offering stylists and clients alike an inside look at their hair journey.


We know that transparency is the KEY to building trust with our clients. So, keep reading to find out how hairdressers are actually using traceability to have those important conversations around sourcing and offering refined, premium extensions services.


A peek inside LUSH by Hotheads®’ warehouse:

Photo Credit: Hotheads®


Why is traceability so important for hair extensions?

As stylists, it’s vital that we know what exactly we are giving our clients. The products we use represent our salon quality just as much as our services do, and the key to giving our clients the very best is traceability.


“Our clients are ethically savvy these days and where their extensions come from matter!” says Hotheads® educator Cheryl Weeks (@cherylweekshair). “Being able to trace where their extensions come from, down to the exact city or village, shows how much we care about the quality and caliber of our brand.”


Think of “traceability” as another term for “honesty.” “I think transparency is extremely important because it shows that we have nothing to hide!” fellow educator Jesse Marriott (@hairbyjesseray) shares. “…It’s also a very innovative concept and something that we have not seen in the market so far. We really want to combine luxury and transparency together with this beautiful new collection.”


LUSH by Hotheads®’ goal is for stylists to see the exact location that their hair is ethically sourced from.

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What’s the difference between LUSH by Hotheads® & other extension lines?

From the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of fully completed, ready-to-roll Hotheads® extensions, LUSH by Hotheads® goes the extra mile to give stylists transparency they can count on. Plus, this full-blown luxury extension collection caters to the constant blonde influx with 100 percent, high-quality Virgin Remy human hair from Continental Europe.


“I’m thrilled to have LUSH by Hotheads® in my salon,” says blonding and extensions specialist Natalie Ruzgis (@natalieruzgis). “What I’m most excited about is the quality and shades of blonde. The difference in quality comes from the hair being sourced from Europe,” she explains. “European hair is Virgin Remy hair that starts out at a Level 6 or 7, so the coloring process produces the highest quality bright and beautiful shades of blonde.”


Some other bonuses we love about LUSH by Hotheads®:


  • The hair is ethically sourced with traceable origins. “Ethically sourced” means that the hair is collected of legal age and individuals are paid fair wages
  • LUSH by Hotheads® extensions have a finer texture to match each client’s natural density.
  • Stylists can choose from a variety of on-trend blonde shades and lengths.
  • LUSH by Hotheads® can be applied through tape-in, hand-tied weft, machine weft and fusion application methods.
  • Every extension arrives in an eco-friendly package!


Check out this LUSH by Hotheads® makeover:

Photo Credit: Hotheads®


Shop the LUSH collection by Hotheads® here! 


Innovation and technology brought LUSH by Hotheads® to life.

Following the brand’s values of honesty and ethical sourcing, Hotheads®’s mission was to bring stylists and clients closer together through the power of technology. 


“LUSH by Hotheads® was created from brainstorming with stylists seeking high-quality blondes using innovation and technology to support the brand,” says Vice President of Hotheads® Lindsay Rumpel. “Now, the stylists can build a deeper relationship with their customers by sharing the packaging of the hair and scanning the QR code to trace [its] journey.”


How it works:


  1. Scan the QR code located on every package of LUSH by Hotheads®. 
  2. Enter your unique batch code here. Use sample batch code 60C-0004 to see how it’s done!
  3. Follow the your hair’s journey by seeing each stage of the production process.


Ethical hair extensions create a better experience for clients.

Clients are becoming more and more globally-minded, and being able to see their hair journey from origin to chair is eye-opening. Plus, LUSH by Hotheads® offers clients more reassurance that their investment is high-quality and luxurious in the safest and most sustainable way possible.


While leveling up your extension game with education and trendy techniques help get clients in your chair, involving them in their hair story keeps them there. “It’s definitely a topic that comes up. Clients ask, “Where does the hair come from?” I always want to be as transparent as possible,” Natalie says. “…So many clients want more information, and care about where and how the extensions are being produced. The use of ethical hair sourcing and knowing where the hair comes from [levels up] your client/stylist trust and bond.”


Transparency, premium hair & precise application = client retention!

Photo Credit: Hotheads®


LUSH by Hotheads® is taking a big step forward for sustainability in the beauty industry.

What’s the best way to aid sustainability? Education and awareness, according to long-time extensions specialist Belinda Benham (@hairby_belinda).


“With hairdressers being able to experience ethical sourcing, traceability, and eco-friendly packaging with every pack of LUSH by Hotheads® hair, they’re going to be able to do their part by learning about these practices, educating their clients, and even being open to making small changes in the little things they do behind the chair,” Belinda says, “whether that be with the products they use or even the brands they work with!”


How can more stylists embrace “ethical hairdressing?”

In an ever-changing industry, it can be hard to determine what makes a superior service. Cheryl and Belinda’s secret: Doing your research and standing firmly behind the products you use.


A first great step in being an “ethical hairdresser” is to really research the brands you do your business with!” Belinda advises. “Hairdressers are so busy behind the chair, so we have to rely on our brands to be clear on their ethical practices, and that’s going to become a staple when choosing the different lines you work with.”


Photo Credit: Hotheads®


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