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Last updated: January 10, 2024

Filling In Holes On Fine Hair: 4 Tape-Ins Are All You Need

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3 Steps To Turn An Extension Consultation Into A Full Time Client

Fine-haired clients are tricky. Color and cut requests often do not withstand at-home styling and leave our guests feeling like they only like their hair when they leave the salon. A common solution is extensions, however, an even more common problem is fine-haired clients being weary of “damage and discomfort” from extensions. 


Hotheads® Hair Extensions Master Educator Natalie Ruzgis (@natalieruzgis) walked us through her everyday consultation strategies that turned a 15-minute appointment into a complete transformation with just four tape-in extensions. 


1. Make The Consultation Your Main Priority

If you offer extension consultations (which, for new clients, is non-negotiable) you have to think of this time as more than a “free” 15-minute conversation the client booked. Due to the nature of hair extensions, most clients are in your chair for more than just a refreshed look. 


Extension consultations vary drastically from other consults because:

  • Clients tend to be in a vulnerable position with hair loss or “wits end” concerns
  • The addition of hair in a public space could feel embarrassing for some clients
  • Uncommon knowledge of services and upkeep
  • Acute client concerns about damage, maintenance, pricing and more

Because of these points and more, an extension consultation should always entail far more information and education than a standard, “What are we doing today?” consultation. 


Need some pointers? Watch one of Natalie’s viral consultations below. Pay attention to her demeanor, education strategy and tone used!


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2. Keep Extra Extensions On-Hand, ALWAYS

You never know when a client is going to change their mind—even the picky ones! The best way to pivot a consultation into a paying client is to provide an immediate solution the client can SEE.


Here’s how Natalie turned a weary client into a full-time extension wearer:

  • Referencing the video above, Natalie’s client had a strict request for no tape-in extensions during the consultation.
  • However, because her client’s main concern was filling in gaps of breakage and boosting overall body—Natalie’s expertise knew tape-in extensions were the best option.
  • Using her back stock of hair, Natalie showed her client in real time how the extension could give instant results to the problem area.
  • The moment her client was able to see her fine-hair filled in, she agreed to a trial of four tape-in extensions; two on either side of her head. 

“This is why I keep extras on-hand, I love doing extensions because you get to give people exactly what they want,” Natalie says. Below, check out Natalie’s consultation with four tape-in extensions turn into a full-time client.



Natalie’s client wears two methods, Hotheads® LUSH Tape-Ins and Premium Hand Tied Wefts

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3. Send Your Clients Home With An Appointment Plan

“I always tell my clients— If you end up hating the extensions, just come by the salon and I’ll take them out,” Natalie explains. The benefit of allowing a client to wear home a physical change is far greater than the low probability of the ten minutes you’d spend removing a few trial tape-ins. 


For the clients (and trust us, there will be many) that wear their complimentary extensions home and fall in love, you just put hundreds of dollars in your pocket. BUT, with extension clientele comes responsibility. It is your job to plan out proper care, maintenance, ordering and installation processes from the day your client leaves the salon and months into the future. Making their expereince foolproof is your ticket to securing a lifelong extension client that trusts you.


Natalie says, “I prefer to do a hybrid method on a lot of clients because it saves both of us time. Client-to-client is always different, but if someone will benefit from a weft and tape-in hybrid, it is going to save them a couple more weeks between move-ups and benefit us both in the end.”


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