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Last updated: April 22, 2021

How To Solve 4 Hot Fusion Extensions Challenges

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4 Hot Fusion Extensions Challenges + Solutions

Specializing in hot fusion extensions will change your business game, especially if you offer the newest innovations in the extension world. Perfecting the technique takes education and practice, but even the best can make mistakes. The crew at Hotheads® shared the top four hot fusion extension mistakes they see, plus how to fix them.


First, let’s talk about what hot fusion extensions are. Hotheads® Keraflex™ Extensions are the newest hot fusion extension innovation. They are attached to the client’s hair by using a heating element to heat a keratin-based tip, fusing the hair bundle to the client’s hair. Because hair is made up of 95% keratin, this method is non-damaging and long-lasting.



What sets Keraflex™ apart from other hot fusion methods is that the keratin bond is matte, not shiny. That means it’s ultra-discreet and can be installed at the hairline or fringe area, and they work great on fine-haired clients. You can learn everything you need to know about hot fusion extensions by clicking here. 


You can get certified in Hotheads® Keraflex™ Extensions NOW! Your registration includes a kit of hot fusion installation must-haves worth $294, plus a certificate of completion. Click here to sign up!


So how long do Keraflex™extensions last? If you are certified to install them properly and your client takes care of them perfectly at home, they can last 3 to 5 months—the longest-lasting, single-wear method available! 


Challenge #1: Extension slips off the client’s hair.

 Why this might happen:

  • Heat was not applied long enough to activate keratin.
  • Temperature on the thermal applicator was too low.
  • Bond was not properly sealed.
  • Too much or too little hair was bonded to the extension



These mistakes are all easy to make if you aren’t properly trained, so make sure you get certified from Hotheads®.


If this happens to you, completely remove any slipping extensions using Hotheads®  Remove Gel. Prepare the client’s hair and apply new extensions using the Hotheads® preparation and application methods you learned in your certification.


Removing Keraflex™ Is Easy And Non-Damaging!


Challenge #2: Scalp Irritation

 Why this might happen:

  • Extensions applied too close to the scalp.
  • Extensions applied on a diagonal.
  • Section was pulled too tight. 
  • Extensions were placed against the natural growth pattern of the hair.
  • Client may not be shampooing and rinsing properly.



Proper training and certification will help you avoid most of these mistakes. Completely remove all bonded extensions. BEFORE any further services are performed, do a full scalp and hair evaluation. 


If you determine the client is able to have their extensions reapplied, prepare client’s hair and apply new extensions using the Hotheads® preparation and application methods you learned in your certification. Remember to review how to properly shampoo and rinse the extensions with your client.


Challenge #3: Extensions Look Dull and Brittle

Why this might happen:

  • Damage by excessive heat styling. 
  • Using products without sufficient moisture or nutrients.



At-home care is SO important for extensions clients because it can make or break all of your hard work! Advise your client to use the Hotheads® Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masque on her natural hair and extensions.  


Challenge #4: Extensions Are Tangling

Why this might happen:

  • Sleeping with wet or damp hair.
  • Wrapping hair in a towel for an extended period of time.
  • Washing hair without brushing prior.
  • Not brushing periodically throughout the day.



Teach your client how to properly brush her hair during the installation appointment, and make sure your consultation covers the importance of gentle detangling. Again, suggest that she use the Hotheads® Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masque one or two times a week after detangling her hair properly. Explain that the better care she gives her extensions, the longer they will last!

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